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Basics of Celona Edge for Private 4G LTE and 5G Mobile Core

Celona Edge, an extension of the Celona platform, offers unified 4G/5G mobile core services and tightly integrates with enterprise networks.

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What is the Celona Edge?

The Celona Edge acts as the heart of a Celona private mobile network, providing both 4G LTE and 5G mobile services across the entire array of devices and applications connected via private cellular. It interconnects the Celona access points (AP) across the private local and wide area networks for the control and user data plane processing.

The Celona Edge is based on Kubernetes based microservices, allowing it to run on any existing compute platform, including Bare Metal, VMware, AWS Snow family and Microsoft Azure private MEC. Acting as the mobile core, Celona Edge is also extremely adaptable, with horizontal scalability and high availability enabled by design.

Celona Edge: How does it work?

What are the key differentiators for Celona Edge?

Companies like Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson each utilize a somewhat similar deployment method to Celona, with a mobile core at the center to deliver the control and data plane services for the private mobile network. However, all fail to have a truly flexible and adaptable model that's friendly to deployments within existing enterprise networks.

In the case of Ericsson, it requires dedicated cabling for its mobile core and software to run adjacent to the other infrastructure on the network. Motorola also uses 3rd party software for its mobile core, and can only offer QoS for voice traffic on Motorola voice and Push to Talk traffic flows. Nokia requires dedicated firewalls and routers next to eeach installation of its mobile core to make sure it can setup a private mobile network - resulting in significant amount of operational friction and extra cost.  

Celona Edge, on the other hand, is designed to work with the existing enterprise network resources. Via its software defined architecture, it requires no additional operational or capital expense to support any type of enterprise owned and operated end user device or application.

Celona Edge: How is it different?

Why should you care?

When utilizing a private mobile network, it’s important that it gives you the freedom to change its configuration with full access to its data. Celona Edge is designed for this requirement for complete privacy and control in mind.

High availability for Celona Edge services ensures that any critical tasks, applications, or processes running across the network won’t be out of service, and in the case of any process outage, Celona Edge will immediately spin up another instance within the compute platform it is part of to continue its operation.

The cloud native software implementation of the Celona Edge offers customers the freedom to expand and scale horizontally in any way that best responds to application and device scaling requirements. As resource ask increases over time, the Celona Edge adapts to the new network demands, given compute resources to take advantage of.

Celona Edge: What are the customer benefits?

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