Celona and Zebra®

Zebra’s extensive portfolio of hardware and software includes barcode printers and scanners, handheld computers, RFID, and real-time location solutions. Their technology enables organizations to sense, analyze, and act on data-fuelled insights in real-time, at the edge of the enterprise.

  • Mobile Computers
  • Printers
  • Barcode Scanners and Data Capture
  • RFID
  • Locating Systems Hardware and Software
  • Tablets
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The Celona and Zebra partnership delivers seamless interoperability between Zebra's CBRS-enabled mobile devices and Celona's private mobile network.

Solution Brief

The combination of Celona's 5G LAN wireless network connectivity and Zebra's ruggedized mobile devices provides field technicians with an uncompromising mobile solution for harsh and demanding enterprise environments. Zebra's CBRS-capable devices are waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof. They are powerful enough to run the most performance-intensive applications and include additional features and functionality tailor-made for warehouse and manufacturing, public safety, healthcare and retail environments. And thanks to Celona's interference-free CBRS spectrum each device comes with guaranteed advanced network connectivity.

Celona Unveils First 5G LAN Device Certification Program to Simplify Deployment and Adoption of Private LTE/5G Networks

The free 5G LAN device certification program ensures 4G and 5G end-user equipment can inter-operate on Celona enterprise 5G LANs.

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Celona Joins Zebra’s Partner Connect Program

Experience seamless interoperability between Celona's private mobile networks and Zebra's CBRS-enabled mobile devices.


Will It Connect? Zebra XSLATE

What’s rugged, cool and connected to CBRS? Watch as JR’s Lab tests network connectivity on a Zebra device.


Solving Modern Field Technician Problems with Celona & Zebra

See how Celona private LTE/5G wireless can ensure predictable performance for Zebra touch computers like the TC26.

TC26 mobile computer

on Celona

Zebra’s refreshed TC26 handheld runs a customized Android operating system and includes private spectrum option for LTE wireless connectivity, specifically the CBRS spectrum (LTE band 48). The device’s robust wireless connectivity covers thousands of acres – outdoors and indoors - making it ideal for expansive environments, such as seaports, rail yards and campus-style hospital environments.

Zebra L10 tablet

on Celona

A ruggedized tablet PC that runs on either Windows or Android OS. The device offers industry-leading computing performance, plenty of accessory options and, because it is CBRS-capable, blazing-fast connectivity. It’s ideal for supply chain operations in logistics and warehousing.

Zebra & Celona

Our private cellular networks are compatible with the growingnumber of Zebra mobile devices that support CBRS connectivity.

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Video: Slice of Zebra

Zebra's Nader Newman, sits down with us to discuss how private wireless is enabling their customer's digital transformation.

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