Making Cellular Wireless Accessible and Fully Consumable by Enterprise IT

Status Quo

It has to be acknowledged that the technology architecture used in supporting a public cellular service for millions of people, and the need to enable secure reliable connectivity for employees and systems of an enterprise organization, are two very different problems. With the arrival of CBRS, making cellular wireless truly consumable in the enterprise will require eliminating the need to deploy and operate more than 10 different network functions as individual components.

A new approach

Cloud software opens the door to delivering an end-to-end solution architecture where it is possible to remove the need to deploy racks of server hardware to support each business critical service on a cellular wireless network. Truly private to the enterprise, it makes it possible to easily access network analytics and insights. Celona's solution architecture is where cloud software meets cellular, making it the first networking platform that translates private cellular network resources to existing enterprise IT network segments, access control policies and quality of service assignments.

Always-on connections.

Devices auto-connect via SIM, and roaming is controlled by infrastructure

Dedicated clean spectrum.

Frequency assignments are coordinated and channels are re-used

Guaranteed SLA for apps.

Dedicated slices per app over the air and as micro-services at the core

Ready-made for AI-Ops.

Drastically simpler deployment and operations for cellular wireless

Secure and private wireless.

SIM cards allow for device-specific access control and roaming policies

Technology Webinars

Tune in as Celona’s co-founder and CTO Mehmet Yavuz shares his views on how to get your infrastructure ready for CBRS based enterprise LTE and 5G.

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