Your Own Private Mobile Network

Powered by industry's only 5G LAN solution, laser focused on enterprise environments


Your own Private Mobile Network

Powered by the only integrated solution for private 5G, with a laser focus on enterprise environments.

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It's Now Possible to Overcome the Perceived Limitations of Enterprise Wireless

As you adapt new generation of digital initiatives, the need for improved predictability on your wireless network is clear. A Celona 5G LAN is designed to tightly integrate private cellular connectivity with your existing IT and industrial IoT infrastructures, without breaking the bank.

No interference

Centralized coordination of private spectrum options (eg. CBRS in the US) translates to undisrupted operation for connected client devices - even when nearby networks are present.

No inconsistencies

LTE and 5G go beyond QoS prioritization on wireless and allows the definition of service level objectives for latency, throughput, and packet error rate given a set of applications and connected devices.

No limits

Due to strong power profile and "hearing" abilities, a single cellular radio offers up to 25K sqft of coverage indoors and 1M sqft outdoors - significantly reducing cost of cabling infrastructure.

No collisions

LTE and 5G wireless infrastructure schedules traffic transmissions not only for the radios but also for the connected devices on the network - significantly improving latency metrics.

No drops

By taking into account the radio resources available across the network, a cellular infrastructure is responsible to initiate handover events for connected client devices to other access points.

No devices left behind

Cellular radios can support low data rate connectivity for devices at 10s of kbps - translating to solid connectivity for IoT infrastructure at the edges of a cellular wireless coverage area.

Cellular and Wi-Fi: Friends or Foes?

Discover whether private LTE/5G and Wi-Fi are competing or collaborative technologies.

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Powered by cloud software and AI automation to make cellular wireless fully accessible in the enterprise, its consumption is aligned with modern IT operations and all of its capabilities are made available as a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription license.

Cloud first architecture

All resources within Celona's network operating system are built as microservices, designed to scale horizontally with evolving application requirements.

AI that takes action

Network configuration changes and resource management on cellular wireless are automated to guarantee app service levels such as max latency and min throughput.

All ingredients you need

Private LTE access points, SIM cards with 5G ready mobile core, SAS license for CBRS spectrum usage, AIOps platform for KPI centric monitoring and network automation.

Self organizing wireless

Optimized for private spectrum options, per application service level requirements are translated to radio access network (RAN) slicing and LTE/5G scheduler actions.

Our Vision for the Edgeless Enterprise

“With our collaboration with Celona, private mobile network services are effectively deployed next to business applications running on the same edge platform for greater levels of efficiency and the ability to automate the deployment of essential application and network resources with consistent cloud management.”
Tad Brockway, Corporate VP at Microsoft Azure

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