Celona @ Mobility Field Day 5

During Mobility Field Day 5, Celona's Co-founder and CTO Mehmet Yavuz (LinkedIn,Twitter),Director of Solutions Engineering Andrew Von Nagy (LinkedIn,Twitter) and Head of Technical Marketing Jeremy Rollinson (LinkedIn,Twitter) dove deeper into Celona's product portfolio. The first 30 minutes of Celona's presentation during #MFD5 was streamed live and a recording of it is now available below.

Rest of the event included the following topics - check back late Novemberfor an update with recordings from the rest of the show. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch via hello@celona.io for any questions.

  • CBRS Device Ecosystem and SIM Provisioning for Private LTE - Andrew von Nagy
  • Mobility and Spectrum Management with CBRS based Private LTE - Andrew von Nagy
  • Cloud-native Software for Core Network Functions in Private LTE - Mehmet Yavuz
  • KPI-based Network and Policy Orchestration for CBRS based Private LTE - Mehmet Yavuz
  • Product Demos for Infrastructure Deployment and Application Awareness - Jeremy Rollinson