Celona @ Mobility Field Day 6


It was a pleasure to participate for the third time at Mobility Field Day. Grab a cup of coffee and tune-in. For any questions and comments, feel free to send us an email at hello@celona.io or simply send us a message using the chatbot on the right.

Needless to say: if you want to keep track of TechFieldDay team's great content, follow them on Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter.  You can catch our other appearances at the event by visiting celona.io/mfd4, celona.io/mfd5 and celona.io/mfd7.

Celona's 5G LAN Solution

Celona’s unique solution takes advantage of private spectrum options such as CBRS in the US for use of LTE / 5G cellular within the enterprise. Join this intro from team Celona to #MFD6 as they discuss how their private mobile network can seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise networks.

Celona's Edgeless Enterprise Architecture for Cloud Native Campus Networks

As the compute environments for new generation digital initiatives become more dispersed, Celona presents how their network operating system (OS) for private LTE / 5G wireless can integrate with bare metal, virtual machine (VM), edge compute and public cloud environments.

Celona Live Demo: Your Own Mobile Network as Software

Tune in to see a live demonstrateion of Celona’s cloud native network operating system (OS) deployed on bare metal server infrastructure, VMware ESX virtual compute environment, Amazon EC2 public cloud instance, and Amazon Snowball edge compute platform.

Celona’s Device Ecosystem and SIM Provisioning on CBRS based LTE / 5G Wireless

Celona presents the open ecosystem of devices for private mobile networks that are now available in the market, and reviews how they can support private, dual, global and neutral host LTE/ 5G wireless connectivity options with SIM authentication that’s tied to enterprise policies.

Celona Live Demo: Onboarding Apple Devices to Private Cellular with eSIM

Tune in to catch Celona demonstrate how an Apple device can be onboarded to a Celona private mobile network with embedded SIM (eSIM) authentication – by simply scanning a QR code and adding a new “private cellular plan” in just few minutes.

Celona MicroSlicing for Application Aware Private LTE / 5G Networks in the Enterprise

Join team Celona as they discuss how their patented MicroSlicing technology can enable SLA (service level agreement) based app quality enforcement on enterprise wireless – with specific targets throughput, latency and packet error rate per application.

Celona Live Demo: Enabling CBRS LTE connectivity with SLA for Motorola, Zebra and Apple Devices

Tune in as team Celona demonstrates how their patented MicroSlicing™ technology enforces service levels (SLAs) on Motorola, Zebra and Apple devices and on a per application basis.

See the Celona solution in action by tuning in for an on-demand demo, request a custom demo or a free trial. And, to keep in touch with the rest of our community of customers, ecosystem and technology partners, join us at the Frequency Community.