Celona @ Mobility Field Day 4


It was a pleasure to participate at Mobility Field Day 4 where the 5-part video series below was recorded on August 20th 2019. Grab a cup of coffee and tune-in. For any questions and comments, feel free to send us an email at hello@celona.io or simply send us a message using the chatbot on the right.

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Intro to Celona and CBRS Fundamentals

Tune in to hear about the story behind Celona from its CEO and co-founder Rajeev Shah. Discussion continues with a tech talk on private LTE/5G and CBRS with Celona's CTO and co-founder Mehmet Yavuz presenting.

CBRS Device Ecosystem and Cradlepoint’s View on CBRS

In the second video of this 5-part series, Devang Bhatt (Product Marketing for IoT Solutions at Cradlepoint) leads the  discussion on the device ecosystem for CBRS and relevant use cases. For more information about Cradlepoint, visit cradlepoint.com.

Managed Services for CBRS: MFD4 at Celona

As one of Celona's managed service provider partners, Piyush Raj (CTO and EVP at Hosted America) provides a summary about the business opportunities, technical requirements and outstanding challenges for the use of CBRS in the enterprise. For more information about HostedAmerica, visit hostedamerica.com.

Celona’s Solution Architecture

Rajeev Shah (Co-founder and CEO at Celona) presents the story behind Celona and provides a summary of its high level product architecture. If you want to hear about why Celona technology is different from other private mobile networking solutions in the market, this one is for you.

MFD4 Roundtable at Celona: Use of CBRS for Enterprise LTE/5G

Mobility Field Day 4 delegates discuss use of cellular wireless and CBRS within enterprise wireless networks. Product and technology leaders from Celona, IT Management Corp, HostedAmerica and Cradlepoint join the discussion. Recorded during Celona's presentation at Mobility Field Day 4 on August 20th 2019. For more information about Celona, please visit celona.io.

If you are interested in seeing CBRS based private LTE in action, we would love to see you participate in our trial program.