Celona @ Fierce Technology's CBRS Blitz Week

Celona Session: The Road to Private Wireless Networks: Everything You Need To Know

New CBRS mid-band spectrum is being made available, and many stakeholders are eyeing it for private wireless usage. Mehmet Yavuz highlights how Celona can help bridge the gap between service provider and enterprise networks, and answer few key questions: 

  • Is there an optimal architecture for private networks?
  • How long will it take for an organization to set up a private wireless network, and what elements need to be deployed?
  • Will enterprises need to use priority access licenses (PALs), or are general authorized access (GAA) licenses sufficient?
  • How does a Spectrum Access System (SAS) work to make sure there isn’t interference in the CBRS spectrum?
  • What devices will be needed for private wireless networks?