Celona @ WLAN Professionals Conference 2020

Bob Friday (co-founder and CTO of Mist Systems) challenges Mehmet Yavuz (co-founder and CTO at Celona) on the hot topic of Wi-Fi vs CBRS based LTE/5G.

Industry experts join Andrew von Nagy (Director of Solutions Engineering at Celona) and Mehmet for a discussion on the detailed comparison between Wi-Fi and CBRS/LTE. To dive deeper, check out our Field Journal video channel.

Andrew also shares how IT professionals can easily estimate the size of a CBRS network using Celona's Network Planner.

Jeremy 'JR' Rollinson (Head of Technical Marketing at Celona) walks us through how Celona's CBRS based private LTE network was installed at the show. To build your own, you can join our product trial program.

Mehmet shares the background story on how Celona was founded and the technology vision for the company.

Last but not least, Andrew shares notes on how IT networking professionals can make CBRS based private LTE/5G part of their toolkit as they tackle connectivity challenges in enterprise environments.