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Securing the Future of Industrial Automation: How Private 5G and Zero Trust Can Protect Your Operations

Tuesday, August 13th at 8:00 am PT

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Did you know that nearly 70% of industrial firms had an OT cyber-attack last year, leaving them vulnerable to costly disruptions? Don’t let your enterprise be the next target?

The increasing interconnectivity of IoT and OT devices, including scanners, tablets, cameras, AGVs, AMRs, and various sensors, presents significant cybersecurity challenges. With many of these devices now connecting through Private 5G networks, industrial organizations require a strong, integrated IT-OT framework to effectively address this complex threat landscape.

Celona and Palo Alto Networks have joined forces to offer a cutting-edge solution that combines the power of Private 5G with Zero Trust security. This integrated approach allows enterprises to easily deploy, manage, and secure private wireless networks for industrial IoT applications.

In this webinar, Puneet Shetty, Head of Product Management at Celona, and Mitch Rappard, Director of Wireless Solutions at Palo Alto Networks, will share insight into the integrated solution the two teams have developed. We will also cover:

  • The hidden cyber threats that can disrupt your industrial operations
  • How Celona and Palo Alto Networks' integrated solution delivers Zero Trust security for private 5G networks
  • How to gain granular visibility into all devices and automate threat detection and remediation
  • Why Zero Trust security is essential for mission-critical industrial applications

Dean Bubley

Disruptive Analysis

Rajeev Shah


Christian Lindmark

Stanford Health Care and School of Medicine



Head of Product Management,


Director of Wireless Solutions,
Palo Alto Networks

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Our customers are saying

We chose Celona's technology for its outstanding coverage, even in challenging areas. Extensive testing confirmed its remarkable success. We’re using Celona's turnkey solution which is backed by their great engineering support. This approach aligns with our preference not to build from scratch, and Celona's expertise has proven invaluable.

Stefan Garrard,
Principal Enterprise Technology Engineer, BP

The switch to Celona’s private wireless system has been a real game changer for us. Using less equipment at a lower capital and operational cost, Celona has delivered a more pervasive and reliable wireless environment on which our production systems can depend.

Luca Chichiarelli,
Head of IT Operations, Del Conca Group

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