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Busting the Myth:
Private 5G is too expensive for my business

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Watch our on-demand webinar to see how we are debunking the myths surrounding the adoption of Private Cellular Networks (PCN). Our expert team lead you through real-world case studies and in-depth analysis to showcase the truth behind PCN solutions, dismantling misconceptions and revealing the untapped potential for your enterprise.

Myths we will be debunking:

  • Myth 1: Adding more Wi-Fi Access points can solve coverage issues.
  • Myth 2: PCN works only on a licensed spectrum which can be very expensive.
  • Myth 3: PCN requires additional cabling and routing equipment and will not integrate with existing enterprise network.
  • Myth 4: Cost of PCN device refresh eliminates the benefits it brings.
  • Myth 5: Cost model for PCN only works for very large outdoors spaces, not indoor.


Pradhyum Ramkumar

Sr Director, Product Marketing,

Andrew Von Nagy

Sr. Director, Solutions Architecture

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Our customers are saying

We chose Celona's technology for its outstanding coverage, even in challenging areas. Extensive testing confirmed its remarkable success. We’re using Celona's turnkey solution which is backed by their great engineering support. This approach aligns with our preference not to build from scratch, and Celona's expertise has proven invaluable.

Stefan Garrard,
Principal Enterprise Technology Engineer, BP

Our customers have been demanding a comprehensive and scalable approach to private 5G, and we are excited to lead the industry with a solution powered by Celona.

Shahid Ahmed,
Group EVP, New Ventures and Innovation, NTT Limited

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