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Availability of private spectrum for LTE and 5G wireless, such as CBRS in the US, is the most profound development since Wi-Fi.

It’s a myth that an enterprise cannot run its own mobile network

With an architecture powered by cloud software and AI automation, cellular wireless can be made accessible to the enterprise.

Enterprises should have full control and data ownership with private LTE and 5G

Access to the enterprise network via LTE and 5G wireless should be controlled the same way as wired, Wi-Fi and WAN infrastructure.

Great app experiences on enterprise wireless should be priority #1

Instead of troubleshooting after the fact, the wireless network should dynamically enforce service levels for digital business initiatives.

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Unique product architecture

All the ingredients required for enterprise IT teams to setup their own LTE and 5G wireless network comes in single SaaS subscription. Powered by cloud software and AI, network and policy operations are automated end to end.

  • Delivered as an integrated package
  • Integrates with your existing network
  • Keeps you under control of your data
  • Enterprise-friendly support model
  • Cellular that does not break the bank
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Across a wide variety of industries, Celona's solution delivers predictable performance to new generation of critical applications. It enables an additional lane for wireless connectivity where cabling is simply too costly and Wi-Fi networks are oversubscribed.

  • Clean spectrum for collaboration tools
  • Outdoor wireless backhaul for IoT
  • Bandwidth sensitive video surveillance
  • Low latency comms for remote control
  • Segmentation for privacy sensitive apps
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What Industry Leaders Think

"Outstanding Innovation in OnGo Technology and Architecture Award highlights Celona's distinction in cutting-edge technology and business model."

OnGo/CBRS Alliance

Technology and Architecture Award

"We are looking at private LTE/5G to improve the quality of voice communications among our staff, across challenging locations for wireless coverage."

Doug Lyon

IT Director at St. Luke’s Health System

"Celona offers a new paradigm: private LTE / 5G networks that an enterprise can run on its own. A solution designed from the start to co-exist with its existing networks."

Frost & Sullivan

New Product Innovation Award

Highly differentiated technology

Celona's patent-pending MicroSlicing technology enables unprecedented integration of cellular wireless with existing enterprise networks.

  • Self-organizing wireless on private spectrum
  • Software defined 4G LTE and 5G mobile core
  • Machine learning libraries for app intelligence
  • KPI centric application quality enforcement
  • Deployed as overlay on enterprise networks
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With CBRS, every enterprise in the US can deploy their own LTE / 5G wireless network.


Celona and its customers continue to extend the reach of private mobile networks with brand new use cases.

Community Stories

It is time to take a closer look at today's enterprise wireless architectures and get ready for 5G.

Network Architecture

Celona is the first to truly bridge the gap between private LTE / 5G and enterprise networks.

Network Infrastructure

Take your wireless to where it has not yet been

We look forward to partnering with enterprises, IT channel partners and managed service providers as we make private LTE and 5G wireless fully consumable in the enterprise. It might be the perfect time for you to join the ride.