Cloud software meets private mobile networks

Accelerating adoption of digital automation and critical apps on enterprise wireless

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NTTVC and Qualcomm Ventures lead Celona's Series B funding.

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Priority Access License (PAL) Auction Results for CBRS.

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What we are working on:

An integrated solution that bridges the divide between private LTE/5G and enterprise networks.

Driving factors

CBRS Spectrum

For the first time ever, across the United States, CBRS makes LTE/5G wireless accessible within the enterprise without any licensing fees. Its principles enable a new express lane of connectivity for business essential apps and devices.

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Driving factors

AI Powered Apps

Digital transformation journey within enterprises will be defined by new generation of devices that use “life as the input” - environmental sensing, spatial computing, video image analysis, among others.

Some use cases.

Driving factors

5G Cellular Wireless

Eventually running on top of the CBRS spectrum, 5G will allow enterprises to cut the cord for applications that demand highest levels of availability and reliability.

What's required.

Celona Value

Deploy private mobile networks in minutes and eliminate the need to operate multiple disparate products

End to End.

Along with centralized SIM and network management, all of the private LTE / 5G network components come integrated. Indoor and outdoor access points and mobile core are deployed with zero-touch, integrating directly with an existing enterprise network.

Cloud Born, Edge Ready.

Celona's cloud-native software architecture is designed to scale from one to thousands of access points without losing a beat. It's private mobile network core can be deployed on-premises, reducing network latency for connected apps and improving data privacy.

Integrated AI-Ops.

Automated network orchestration is designed to meet application level SLA requirements and KPI based health reporting. Self Organizing Network (SON) functions translate dynamic spectrum sharing models to wireless infrastructure configuration in real-time.

Help Us Take Enterprise Wireless To Where It Has Not Yet Been

We look forward to partnering with enterprises, IT channel partners and managed service providers as we make private LTE and 5G wireless fully consumable in the enterprise.

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