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Future proof your network with Private 5G

“Future-proofing the LyondellBasell network was a priority as we collaborated on the private 5G network to support them as the leader in the chemical industry, including their commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer service,” said Shahid Ahmed, Executive Vice President, New Ventures and Innovation at NTT

NTT and Celona partnered to design, architect and integrate a private 5G network at LyondellBassell

    “We chose Celona's technology for its outstanding coverage, even in challenging areas. Extensive testing confirmed its remarkable success. We’re using Celona's turnkey solution which is backed by their great engineering support. This approach aligns with our preference not to build from scratch, and Celona's expertise has proven invaluable.” 

    Stefan Garrard
    Principal Enterprise Technology Engineer, BP

    Private 5G no longer optional

    • Engineered for use cases not met by current wireless solutions
    • Delivers highest ROI for network connected IT and OT systems
    • Eliminates operational downtime and lost labor costs
    • Better productivity for connected workers and systems
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    Industry’s only turnkey 5G LAN solution

    • All-inclusive end-to-end solution at pricing that rivals Wi-Fi
    • IT-friendly system deploys in hours, not days, weeks or months
    • Direct integration with existing enterprise IP networks
    • Completely complements existing QoS and security systems
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    Enterprise wireless unlike anything else

    • Patented QoS enforcement per applications or device
    • Only converged 4G/5G core with full enterprise IP stack
    • Intelligent traffic management and routing
    • L1 to L7 wireless security over air and on the wire
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    Neutral Host extends public MNO cellular coverage inside enterprises and remote locations

    • More bars in more places improve user and worker experience
    • One network for both public and private wireless network services
    • Deploy in weeks, not months or years
    • Seamless voice and data roaming
    • Faster ROI and time to value
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    Everything you need, everywhere you want, around the world

    • Broad range of global 5G NR spectrum options
    • Unified 5G LAN architecture across all global locations
    • Centralized, intuitive cloud management at scale
    • Strategic partnerships with global integrators
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    You pick the device, we support it

    • Industry’s most open device ecosystem program
    • Choose best of breed devices from your preferred vendors
    • Proven interoperability with diverse collection of third party devices
    • Enable deterministic performance for business critical applications
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    See the Celona 5G LAN in action

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    Schneider Electric taps NTT for private 5G for smart factories and data centres

    NTT Group is leveraging its partnership with Celona to build on-premises private networks for Schneider Electric.

    BMW builds open RAN 5G testbed

    BMW Group have installed their newest 5G testbed at its plant in Germany, in partnership with NTT Group, Intel, Celona and Microsoft.

    NTT Partners with Albemarle to Deploy Private 5G

    NTT solution powered by Celona 5G LANs delivers connectivity across remote locations for faster decision making to improve mining operations.

    The nation’s first campus-wide private 4G/5G infrastructure within higher education

    CSU Stanislaus in Northern California aims to eliminate the cost and complexity of extending existing wireless infrastructure.

    Purdue's 5G LAN Project Wins IDC Connectedness Award

    Showcasing organizations that rethink the way people, things, processes, and applications enable seamless flow of data todrive business outcomes.

    New York Public Library and Celona partner to shrinkthe digital divide

    The first free wireless Internet access service, giving residents around New York public libraries free broadband access at home.

    ITDRC and Celona partner to bring vital connectivity to first responders

    5G LAN technology shown to radically reduce the time to deliver reliable wireless connectivity to crisis response recovery teams and communities.

    HSG installs private wireless at two stadiums

    The solution, installed alongside its existing Wi-Fi, represented an opportunity to change the game for fans while opening the door to new use cases.