On-Demand Demo

Watch our 30 minute on-demand 5G LAN product demonstration at a time that is convenient for you and learn about:

  • The ingredients required to setup a private mobile network
  • Seamless integration with your infrastructure
  • AI powered enforcement for app quality

With Celona, Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) is building an indoor/outdoor private cellular network that blankets a 400-acre, $1B+ smart city development adjacent to the campus of Purdue University. From students getting home broadband for the first time to the Industrial IoT, the sheer diversity of customers and app requirements demonstrates how private cellular can serve businesses, schools, industrial organizations and municipalities.

- David Broecker, Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer for Purdue Research Foundation

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On-Demand Demo

Celona Orchestrator: Enterprise network operation without being a cellular expert

Discover the simplicity of managing your 5G LAN with our 10-minute product demo of Celona Orchestrator - a cloud-based platform that puts you in control of deployment, management, and operation, all from one central location.

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Custom Demo

What you can expect

  • How it seamlessly integrates with your existing network infrastructure.
  • The process of connecting devices and grouping them logically for streamlined operations.
  • Setting up and defining enterprise routing policies for seamless integration with enterprise LAN.
  • Showcase powerful monitoring tools to ensure optimal performance of your 5G LAN.

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