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How Private Wireless is enabling reduction in turnaround times and operational efficiencies at oil refineries and petrochemical plants

Stefan Garrard, Principal Enterprise Technology Engineer at BP, is joined by Andrew von Nagy, Sr. Director, Solutions Architecture and New Technology Initiatives at Celona, to discuss the critical need for reliable connectivity in the expansive, harsh, heavy-metal environments of refineries.

In these facilities, where disruption can lead to losses of millions of dollars per day, daily inspections and regular refinery turnarounds are essential to avoid outages and keep operations running smoothly.  Up until now, Wi-Fi and public cellular networks have been the only connectivity options, and they have their shortfalls. They have also restricted the implementation of industry 4.0 technologies like IoT sensors, robotics, data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our experts share their experiences on how Private Wireless has, and will continue to, enable innovative changes:

  • How private 5G cellular networks are driving innovation and operational efficiency in oil, gas refineries, and petrochemical plants.
  • Why connectivity options including Wi-Fi, public cellular and LMR fall short in industrial environments.
  • The practical steps to design, install and manage a high-performance, high-availability private cellular network at your plant.



Principal Enterprise Technology Engineer, BP

von Nagy

Sr. Director, Solutions Architecture and New Technology Initiatives, Celona


Sr.Director, Product Marketing,

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