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Back to School: Private LTE and 5G in Higher Ed

CBRS spectrum in the US allows for higher education institutions build and operate their own private mobile networks. Based on the LTE technology today and 5G in the future, it allows for the replacement of cost-prohibitive cabling infrastructure outdoors with unique wireless coverage characteristics, delivering significant TCO benefits.  

Tune-in to review use cases ranging from outdoor wireless backhaul for Wi-Fi hotspots to IoT infrastructure support for critical connected services. Our presenters are: 

During the webinar, our speakers answer the following key questions:  

  • What are the use cases for CBRS based LTE outdoors in higher education?
  • How do you design and validate an outdoor CBRS based LTE network?
  • What is the TCO advantage compared to outdoor cabling?
  • What are the device options available for private LTE connectivity?  
  • How can CBRS based LTE guarantee service levels per application?