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Demystifying Private 5G for the Enterprise

Nowhere will 5G be more impactful and important than within the enterprise. Recent advances in cellular technology now make it possible for enterprises to own and operate their own private mobile networks.

As companies examine their available options to increase the reliability and performance of critical applications that drive their business, new questions arise about some of the key differences between all the options available to organizations.

Hosted by Will Townsend and featuring Celona's Andrew von Nagy, this webinar compares and contrasts some of the key differences between existing enterprise wireless and emerging 4G/5G CBRS systems - debunking the top 10 myths surrounding enterprise private mobile networks.

  • Private LTE/5G is a replacement for Wi-Fi
  • 5G is just another radio access network technology
  • Integrating a private mobile network into existing enterprise infrastructure is a non-starter
  • 5G’s biggest benefit is its speed and range
  • Private mobile/cellular networks are too complex and expensive for the enterprise
  • Managed telco 5G services will be the primary delivery method for 5G in the enterprise
  • 5G can’t support my existing legacy clients
  • QoS across cellular and the existing L2/L3 campus network isn’t possible
  • 5G and other wireless networking technologies will not coexist
  • Only 3GPP technologies will connect to the 5G core