Bridging the Digital Divide and Paving the Way for Smart Cities

CBRS spectrum for private 5G provides an unmatched opportunity to enable private wireless connectivity across communities and smart cities.

Celona’s Path to Smarter, More Sustainable Cities

It was in 2009 that IBM first coined the term ‘Smart City’. Since then, we’ve seen what technology can do to drive better decisions, support community initiatives, and power projects across education, emergency services and public safety.

We’re now at a new crossroads. As our cities and the people living in it demand improved service levels, existing wireless network infrastructures are struggling. Celona’s highly differentiated solution provides the recipe for success. It’s an express lane for wireless connectivity to your community’s critical services and infrastructure, working alongside your existing networks.

Outdoor 5G wireless under your full control
Low cost to design, deploy and operate
Wireless QoS that adapts to any app type
Strong ROI with non-metered cost structure
Growing ecosystem of MSPs

Press ReleaseCelona Joins Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program

As your business moves at the speed of the consumer, you cannot let your wireless infrastructure get in the way. In this infographic, we've tried to translate the technology benefits of private LTE to latest digital initiatives in the logistics industry.

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InfographicCBRS and Private 5G for Remote Learning in 5 Steps

Enabling students with secure and affordable broadband connectivity to close the homework gap is now possible. Innovative state and federal funding models in the United States further reduce cost and complexity for its adoption.

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Supporting City Wide Digital Initiatives with a Celona Network

A county in the United States, sought to bring private and secure wireless connectivity to its student population and its smart city infrastructure using Celona's private LTE/5G solution.

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Low-Cost Internet Broadband for Equity in Education

A school district in California to close the homework gap within student households by delivering dedicated wireless broadband connectivity over the CBRS spectrum.

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Enabling Express Lane for Wireless Connectivity in Smart Cities

In this on-demand webinar, join experts from Inseego and Celona as they discuss how the joint solution can make private mobile networks a commonplace for variety of use cases.

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