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Inseego and Celona: Collaboration in the Express Lane


It does not have to be a mystery to extend seamless and secure connectivity to every corner of your enterprise - or to your student's homes as you are trying to bridge the digital divide. All you need is a solid private 5G strategy that does not break the bank and puts simplicity first at scale.

Rocky Pelfrey, VP of Systems Engineering at Inseego, Jeremy 'JR' Rollinson, Technical Marketing Engineer at Celona, and Puneet Shetty, Director of Product Management  discuss how the two solutions come together to make private mobile networks commonplace for variety of use cases. While they answer few frequently asked questions below, they will also host a live demo of the integrated solution.

  • What are the product components, and the steps to design, deploy and manage the joint Inseego and Celona solution?
  • What are the network coverage and capacity metrics you should expect as you enable broadband connectivity for student's homes using outdoor CBRS?
  • Which use cases across enterprise verticals are ideal for the joint solution, and how does the joint solution support the connectivity needs for critical IoT infrastructure?