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How Del Conca USA turned wireless connectivity issues into productivity gains and operational efficiency with Private Wireless

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Explore our enlightening thought leadership webinar on-demand, presented by Celona in collaboration with our esteemed customer, Del Conca, a frontrunner in the tile manufacturing industry.

Dive deep into the transformative journey of overcoming wireless connectivity hurdles, transitioning from significant revenue losses to achieving substantial productivity gains through manufacturing automation.

In this webinar, you will have the opportunity to hear directly from Luca Chichiarelli, Head of IT Operations at Del Conca and Mehmet Yavuz, Co-founder and CTO of Celona.

They cover:

  • Business and use cases: Insight into real-world applications such as AGVs, Forklifts, PTT and how improved connectivity transforms operations.
  • Challenges with Wi-Fi and Public Cellular: Unpacking the limitations and hurdles faced in a manufacturing setting.
  • Attraction to Private Wireless: Discover what led Del Conca USA to embrace private cellular networks. Explore the key benefits that facilitated their shift and how it aligns with Celona's vision of making cellular as accessible as Wi-Fi.
  • The journey and long-term vision: A narrative of transition, highlighting critical milestones and mapping it to Del Conca’s strategic vision including Neutral Host.
  • About Celona: Learn more about how Celona is helping enterprises solve wireless connectivity issues for automation in tough industrial environments by providing secure private wireless network at the cost of Wi-Fi, delivering a fast ROI


Mehmet Yavuz,
Co-founder and CTO, Celona

Luca Chichiarelli,
Head of IT Operations, Del Conca Group

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