Reducing turnaround times at Oil, Gas and Petrochemical plants using Private Wireless

Unplanned outages in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries are costly, and managing these preventative maintenance incidents requires a careful approach encompassing preventative maintenance, thorough inspections, and planned turnarounds, all carrying significant costs.

These initiatives are hindered by one underlying factor – reliable connectivity. Wi-Fi is the default choice for wireless connectivity but in large, metal-heavy environments it can be non-existent or spotty at best.

Private Wireless can deliver enhanced operational resilience, shorter lower-cost turnarounds, and open numerous possibilities for Industry 4.0 technologies.

See how Celona’s Private Wireless solution delivers:

  • Low latency and high availability: Minimize downtime while providing seamless connectivity, altering the dynamics of turnaround planning
  • Connected workers and faster data sharing: Empower your workforce through real-time data sharing and collaboration, driving an efficient and coordinated approach, resulting in shorter turnarounds and increased ROI
  • An End-to-End Solution: Our turnkey private wireless solution comes with a no-CAPEX subscription model, explicitly redesigned for the enterprise, not operators, and is changing the equation in terms of coverage, integration, capabilities and cost-effectiveness.

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