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Aruba & Celona: Spinning Up Private Mobile Networks

Aruba's Chuck Lukaszewski and Celona's Mehmet Yavuz & Ozer Dondurmacioglu talk to the value of Aruba and Celona partnership.


With a strategic partnership agreement, HPE Aruba has partnered with Celona to resell Celona-branded CBRS-based private LTE solution within the U.S. This partnership is a cornerstone event in the enterprise networking industry as the adoption of private cellular continue to grow.

Celona’s solution is optimized for the enterprise market with role-based access control and a turnkey implementation that hides the complexity normally found in traditional cellular offerings. Aruba's go-to-market motion has a direct alignment with the product architecture Celona has delivered in the market for multiple reasons but most importantly it supports the deployment and consumption model which Aruba's customers and partners have been in search of.

Deploying private LTE networks has traditionally been far more complicated compared to an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network. LTE networks require an EPC (Evolved Packet Core) which manages the network, including device attachment, roaming between LTE small cells and data plane traffic forwarding. LTE networks also require enterprises to provision and manage SIM (Subscriber Identity Management) cards or eSIMs for each device. Additionally, when it comes to using the CBRS spectrum for LTE wireless, enterprises must integrate with FCC certified systems for Spectrum AccessService (SAS) to manage potential interference from neighboring radios. With the Celona solution, all these hardware and software components are integrated and ready for enterprise IT network integration – considerably simplifying deployment and ongoing management.

The primary use cases Aruba and Celona would partner in deploying CBRS networks are as follows: 

  • Additional spectrum. Some customers simply need more spectrum for various wireless use cases, any way they can get it.
  • Wide-area outdoor coverage. Outdoor CBRS-based cellular wireless covers more area per AP (Access Point) than a Wi-Fi AP.
  • Network segmentation, or the ability to deploy a separate, overlay network that operates over relatively clean spectrum – especially for critical traffic, such as a manufacturing or an industrial network, or a separate voice communication network for employees, or retail point-of-sale devices.

To dive deeper into the partnership and what it all entails, let's hear it from the experts on both sides.

Aruba and Celona at WLAN Pros podcast

WLAN Pros team talked at length with Chuck Lukaszewski, VP & Chief Wireless Technologist at HPE Aruba and Celona's co-founder and CTO, Mehmet Yavuz in this episode of the WLAN Pros podcast, as they review the significant opportunities the joint partnership opens up for enterprise networks. For additional resources along with a transcript of this interview with Keith Parsons, visit the WLAN Pros website.

"Aruba has joined forces with Celona to bring to market multiple, overlapping enterprise RANs - using different radio technologies - to serve particular, differentiated device types and use cases. Unified under a common operational model and policy framework, and leveraging both enterprise authentication stores and external third-party identity providers, Aruba and Celona can together address a wide range of mobility applications." - Chuck Lukaszewski, VP Wireless Chief Technologist, HPE Aruba

Aruba and Celona at Aruba's Atmosphere 2021 conference

Chuck and Mehmet also covered a range of fundamental topics during this years Atmosphere 2021 community conference: 

  • What is CBRS? How does it work with LTE/5G?
  • What is the Celona solution, and how does it complement Aruba Wi-Fi?
  • Converged wireless use cases across CBRS based private LTE / 5G and enterprise Wi-Fi
  • Best practices deployments for indoors and outdoors
  • Demonstrations of Celona CBRS in action

Aruba 1-2-3 Video Series on Celona CBRS

Celona's VP of Marketing Ozer Dondurmacioglu showed up in Aruba's 1-2-3 Video series and introduced Celona to its Airheads community. Tune in below: 

Next Steps

  • Reach out to your Aruba account manager and/or channel partner to hear more about this partnership and to continue the conversation.
  • Read more about the details behind the partnership and review Aruba's overall 5G strategy, read Aruba's blog article on the topic.
  • To see the Celona in action with a custom demo or a free trial in your environment, visit us at https://celona.io/journey.

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