Aruba & Celona: Spinning Up Private Mobile Networks

Celona's Mehmet Yavuz and Aruba's Chuck Lukaszewski present the joint Aruba and Celona solution.

Chuck Lukaszewski, VP & Chief Wireless Technologist at HPE Aruba and Celona's co-founder and CTO, Mehmet Yavuz cover a range of fundamental topics during this years Atmosphere 2021 community conference: 

  • What is CBRS? How does it work with LTE/5G?
  • What is the Celona solution, and how does it complement Aruba Wi-Fi?
  • Converged wireless use cases across CBRS based private LTE / 5G and enterprise Wi-Fi
  • Best practices deployments for indoors and outdoors
  • Demonstrations of Celona CBRS in action

WLAN Pros team also talked at length with Mehmet and Chuck in this episode of the WLAN Pros podcast, as they review the significant opportunities the joint partnership opens up for enterprise networks. For additional resources along with a transcript of this interview with Keith Parsons, visit the WLAN Pros website.

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