Transform your enterprise network with Celona's RF Planning Workshop

No-cost consultation to understand your site-specific needs, and advise on your Private 4G/5G deployment

Celona’s RF Planning Workshop is a free, no commitment engagement with Celona’s technical experts to understand your existing network infrastructure and challenges and provide consultative advice on how a Private 4G/5G deployment will integrate with your existing investments to provide connectivity that is beyond traditional methods.

  • Discovery and Requirement Evaluation: Tailored audit of your unique business needs and environment in the context of Private 4G/5G deployment.
  • Preliminary RF Design: You will be guided through this design that will consider factors including terrain, construction materials, signal interference, device density and more.
  • Access Point Recommendation: Our experts will recommend the types and quantity of access points required for your unique needs, ensuring extensive coverage and optimal performance.
  • Design and Cost Overview: The RF design will be accompanied by ROM cost estimates.
  • Roadmap Creation & Beyond: We will guide you on the next steps for deploying your private 4G/5G network.

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