All the Ingredients Required to Build Your Own Mobile Network

Only private 5G solution in the market that comes in a single package for deployments in the enterprise - without compromises and without breaking the bank.


What's Inside?

Consumed as a single software-as-a-service subscription, including hardware and software components.

Planning Software

Estimate the size of the CBRS network

License for Private Spectrum

Out of the box use of shared spectrum, eg. CBRS in the US

CBRS Access Points

Indoor/outdoor cellular wireless coverage

LTE/5G Mobile Core

Deployed where enterprise apps are

Private SIM Cards

Designed for enterprise access control

AIOps for Infrastructure

System configuration and automation

Celona Platform Software for Private Mobile Networks

The Celona Platform takes advantage of cloud-native software principles. It can be accessed across private/public clouds and can be made available on-premises within the enterprise environment.

  • Deployed as overlay when installed on-premises
  • Powered by MicroSlicing for app-level enforcement
  • Machine learning for network and policy automation
  • Role based policies with device level authorization
Estimating the Size of Your Private LTE Network is Easier Than You Think

You can find out how many Celona access points you need in your facility after a few minutes with our Network Planner.

Celona Access Points

The Celona Access Points are optimized for deployments within an existing enterprise network, indoors and outdoors. They are centralized managed by the Celona Platform and support plug-n-play installation.

  • Coordinated access to private spectrum across the network
  • Maximize network capacity with self-organizing RF functions
  • Infrastructure control for device mobility and traffic flows
  • Service levels for latency/jitter, error rate and throughput

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