Celona Access Points

Designed to give business essential mobile and IoT devices the range and the low latency connectivity they demand, Celona indoor and outdoor Access Points (AP) are included as part of an active Celona platform subscription.

Indoor AP-10 Data SheetINDOOR AP-12 Data SheetOutdoor AP-11 Data Sheet

Featuring: Self Organizing Wireless

Thanks to an industry first AI engine inside the Celona Platform, all radio functions for Celona Access Points are automated and are designed to enforce service levels for enterprise apps.

Designed for shared spectrum

Maximizing wireless capacity via dynamic spectrum allocation, eg. with Spectrum Access System (SAS) integration for CBRS in the US

Dynamic radio resource allocation

Automatic optimization of frequency assignments and radio power levels for maximum network capacity

Feedback loop on channel state

Application level SLAs are translated to Celona MicroSlicing over the air with scheduler actions for cellular wireless

Each delivering up to 25K SQFT coverage, low latency and hitless mobility to smartphones, tablets and more.

Rated Category A for CBRS based LTE Wireless

Enabled with integrated antennas offering up to 30dBm EIRP and 2x2 MIMO (download direction) with Carrier Aggregation

Flexible enough for any indoor environment

Can be wall or ceiling mounted, and require 802.3at PoE+ via its 1GbE uplink interface or AC power

Plug-n-play installation with remote provisioning

Private spectrum availability and network time synchronization across multiple APs are controlled via the Celona platform

See It For Yourself

To see the game changing performance of  a Celona 5G LAN in your environment, register for our free trial.

Celona Outdoor Access Point

Each delivering up to 1M SQFT coverage for IoT gateways, Wi-Fi hotspots, surveillance cameras and more.

Rated Category B for CBRS based LTE Wireless

Radios with external antennas offering up to 47dBm EIRP and 2x2 MIMO (download direction) with Carrier Aggregation

Ruggedized design for challenging environments

Designed for mounting on a pole, and require AC or DC power to operate. Comes with a 1GbE network interface.

Centralized management and operations

Private spectrum allocation and usage across very large areas are remote controlled by the Celona platform

Celona Access Point Antenna and Accessory Options

External antennas with RF coverage maps, timing grandmaster for indoor installations and others

Start Planning Your 5G LAN

With the Celona Network Planner, all it takes is a couple of clicks to estimate the number of Celona access points you need.

To get you connected right away, each indoor AP ships with 20 and each outdoor AP with 40 Celona SIM cards.

  • Remotely configured and controlled via the Celona platform
  • Eliminates the need for a separate SIM provisioning service
  • Offers device level policy control for enterprise network access
  • SIM identity can be reserved for a site or a device group
  • Centralized encryption of device traffic on the Celona Edge
  • Integrates with role based policies within an enterprise network

The Celona Platform

What makes our Access Points so good at what they do is the software behind the scenes.