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Celona 4G/5G Access Points

Deliver pervasive interference-free LTE/5G coverage, indoor and outdoor, in sub-6 GHz frequency bands (3.3 GHz – 4.2 GHz) globally. Celona APs are easy to deploy and offer highly deterministic performance, up to 1Gbps aggregate throughput and less than 10ms latency.

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High-performance access points delivering the high range and low latency required - all included in a Celona private mobile network subscription.

AP 20

  • Multimode 5G/4G , indoor
  • b48(4G), n48(5G)
  • POE++
  • IP52, Indoor ruggedized, dusty environment
  • Software upgradable to 5G

AP 22

  • 5G-NR, indoor
  • n48, n78, n77
  • POE++
  • IP52, indoor ruggedized, dusty environment
  • Global 5G for indoor deployments

AP 21

  • 5G-NR, industrial outdoor
  • n48, n78H, n77
  • IP66 rated
  • C1D2 certified for hazardous environments
  • Global 5G for outdoor coverage

AP 12

  • 4G, indoor
  • b48 (4G)
  • POE+
  • Industrial indoor, retail, carpeted enterprises

AP 13, AP 13-E

  • 4G, industrial indoor/outdoor
  • b48 (4G), external antenna option (AP 13-E)
  • POE++
  • IP65 rated, ruggedized
  • CBRS LTE indoor & large outdoor coverage

AP 11

  • 4G, industrial outdoor
  • b48 (4G)
  • IP66 rated
  • C1D2 certified for hazardous environments
  • CBRS LTE for outdoor coverage

Celona AP Antenna & Accessory Data Sheets

Coverage & technical specs on antenna and accessory options for the Celona Indoor & outdoor access points

Global support

Support broad range of mid-band sub-6Ghz frequencies

  • Supports LTE in b48, 5G in n48, n78, n77
  • Upcoming support for n79 (5G)
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Plug and play deployment

Lower installation costs and accelerated time to value

  • Zero touch deployment
  • Integrates with existing IP network - no special cabling requirements
  • Indoor access points powered by PoE++
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Secure communication

Reduced friction in technology buy-in and adoption

  • Encrypted data at rest and in motion
  • Certificate based mutual authentication between all entities
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Critical communications

Deterministic performance for business critical use cases

  • Dynamic QoS using patented MicroSlicingTM technology
  • Reliable handovers for mobile applications like robotics and AGVs
MicroslicingTM whitepaper

Integrated timing source

Simplifies deployments and reduces costs

  • Eliminate dependencies on external timing equipment
  • Reduced cabling and installation cost
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Ruggedized for harsh environments

Durable design for deployment in challenging industrial environments

  • Portfolio includes ruggedized IP65/66 rated, C1D2 certified APs
  • Wall or ceiling mounted indoor APs
  • Rooftops and pole mounts for outdoor APs
outdoor 4g apoutdoor 5g ap

Multi-mode 4G/5G AP

Flexible migration options from 4G LTE to 5G

  • Only integrated, multi-radio CBRS 4G + 5G AP
  • Software configurable to operate as 4G or 5G
  • Converged 4G/5G core for hybrid 4G/5G networks
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