Accelerate quality control with your own 5G network

  • 5G LAN tightly integrated to your IT and industrial IoT infrastructure
  • Per app SLA guarantees for bandwidth and latency
  • Up to 25K sqft coverage indoors, and 1M sqft outdoors, with a single cellular access point

Protect your critical apps and eliminate unplanned downtime in your production line.

With private spectrum options for cellular wireless, such as CBRS in the US, manufacturing organizations can now rely on an express lane of wireless communication on staff operated mobile devices and critical IoT infrastructure.

They can use market leading device options from Apple, Samsung, Zebra and others and take advantage of this brand-new connectivity option for private LTE and 5G wireless - without the need for licensing fees and expensive operator contracts.


InfographicLet’s Get You Building

As technology leaders in manufacturing take on new digital initiatives to improve overall productivity across their factories, private 5G connectivity is turning out to be an essential ingredient in their journey. In this infographic, we have tried to summarize top 10 benefits of a Celona 5G LAN across factories.

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Webinar On-demandCritical Voice Comms with Motorola and Celona

One of the leading Push to Talk services ideal for manufacturing facilities comes from Motorola Solutions. Celona’s unique MicroSlicing™ technology has been proven to offer highest levels of reliability at low latency for Motorola WAVE, further accelerating its adoption. Join experts from Motorola and Celona as they dive deeper with a solution demonstration.

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Webinar: On-demand
Video: Slice of Celona - Manfacturing

Video PlaylistSlice of Celona: Manufacturing

In this episode of our Slice of Celona video playlist, we summarize the business outcomes manufacturers of all types are after as they research private 5G connectivity for their facilities. We discuss key use cases we have discovered, and how Celona’s unique 5G LAN solution can accelerate its adoption.

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How Celona Enables RealWear Hands-Free Computing

A Celona 5G LAN is unique in its ability to offer predictable performance to remote assist applications such as Microsoft Teams on RealWear head worn computers.

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Mixed Reality with Celona and Microsoft HoloLens 2

Here is how Celona’s MicroSlicing™ technology can guarantee low latency and packet error rate for mixed reality applications enabled via Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

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Celona & Samsung: Robust Communication for Frontline Workers

See how Celona’s 5G LAN ensures high performance for smart devices from Samsung like the rugged XCover Pro for frontline workers.

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