Let’s Join Forces

The need for private mobile networks in the enterprise is undeniable. At Celona, we are determined to remove as much friction as possible in its adoption so that your customers can easily take advantage. Join our growing community to catch the wave on private 5G and become the trusted advisor for your target customers.


Celona for
Channel Partners

Our partners take advantage of our unique reseller program that's designed to remove go-to-market friction and accelerate customer success

Become a leader on 5G LANs

Help your enterprise customers define their strategy for private 5G

Start small, capture the market

Accelerate your learning by working closely with Celona's engineering team

Increase your share of wallet

Discover new sources of revenue with use cases powered by a 5G LAN

Open doors to new opportunities

Engage customer segments that were not previously accessible.

Partnering to Win

Many of our go-to-market partners lead their respective industries and see the significant potential in driving business outcomes with Celona's 5G LAN solution.

What Our Go-To-Market Partners Think

"Our customers have been demanding a comprehensive and scalable approach to private 5G, and we are excited to lead the industry with a solution powered by Celona."

Shahid Ahmed

Group EVP, New Ventures and Innovation
NTT Limited

"Our partnership with Celona reflects a shared vision that enterprises need a viable 5G strategy to support specific digital initiatives within their organizations."

Jeff Lipton

VP, Strategy and Corporate Development
HPE Aruba

"We view private 5G LANs as a transformative new enterprise technology. Until now the private use of cellular wireless has largely eluded the enterprise. That all changes now."

Ed Walton


Celona for Ecosystem Partners

With technology partners ranging from hypercloud providers to client device manufacturers, we go beyond solving wireless connectivity challenges in the enterprise.

Application aware infrastructure

Celona's 5G LAN solution is designed to enforce strict quality guidelines on critical applications in the enterprise.

Cloud native, developer friendly

Celona platform is designed to integrate with new enterprise applications and systems in hours instead of days.

Our Technology Ecosystem

A growing list of technology companies trust Celona's 5G LAN solution.

What Our Ecosystem Partners Think

"With our collaboration with Celona, private mobile network services are deployed next to business apps for greater levels of operational efficiency."

Tad Brockway

Corporate Vice President
Microsoft Azure for Operators

"iBwave is excited to be alongside Celona to accelerate the planning phase of these enterprise wireless projects with our multi-technology survey and design solutions."

Kelly Burroughs

Solutions Marketing Manager

"CBRS is a groundbreaking initiative. Working with Celona in the enterprise sector allows us to support better connectivity for more people in more places."

Rob Katcher

Business Development Manager
Google Wireless Services

Got Questions?

For any questions regarding our partnership programs, our solution set, product pricing - and anything in between - contact us and we will be right back.