Private LTE / 5G for Healthcare

  • On-premises 5G LAN within your hospital IT infrastructure
  • SLA guarantees for voice over IP and IoT devices
  • Interference-free spectrum for enterprise wireless

First and only private cellular network customized to protect your clinical communications.

With private spectrum options for cellular wireless, such as CBRS in the US, healthcare organizations can now rely on an express lane of wireless communication on staff operated mobile devices and critical IoT infrastructure.

They can use market leading device options from Apple, Samsung, Zebra and others and take advantage of this brand-new connectivity option for private LTE and 5G wireless - without the need for licensing fees and expensive operator contracts.

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Video PlaylistSlice of Celona: Healthcare

In this episode of our Slice of Celona video playlist, we summarize the business outcomes healthcare professionals are after as they invest in private 5G connectivity across their facilities. We discuss key use cases discovered, and how Celona’s unique 5G LAN solution can accelerate its adoption.

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InfographicReducing Downtime, Accelerating Patient Care

As technology leaders in healthcare take on new digital initiatives to improve patient care and staff productivity, private 5G connectivity is turning out to be an essential ingredient. In this infographic, we have tried to summarize 5 key steps in adopting a Celona 5G LAN across clinical facilities.

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Webinar On-demandDo You Copy? Voice over IP on Private Cellular

Availability of private spectrum options for highly reliable 4G/5G wireless, such as CBRS in the US, are going to fuel digital innovation across the healthcare industry in ways we may have never previously imagined. And voice applications for clinical communications are just the start.

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Clean wireless spectrum for clinical communications

An essential component of Celona’s 5G LAN solution, the unique MicroSlicing™ technology delivers lower latency and higher degrees of predictability for clinical applications.

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US Healthcare Provider Builds Clinical Wireless Express Lane

An award-winning healthcare provider in the US took advantage of a Celona network, supporting collaboration apps on Apple iPhones used by the clinical staff.

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Apple @ Work Podcast: CBRS Spectrum and Apple Devices

Celona's Andrew von Nagy share notes on the use of private cellular connectivity on Apple devices, covering the basics and use cases for the use of CBRS spectrum in the enterprise.

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