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Celona has now partnered with T‑Mobile for enterprises to leverage the Build Your Own Coverage (BYOC 2.0) program

High quality in-building coverage (T‑Mobile) in 3 easy steps

Getting in-building carrier connectivity has always been problematic. Wireless signals from MNO towers cannot penetrate sufficiently inside buildings due to modern building materials, such as the use of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. 

With the industry’s first turnkey Neutral Host solution, enterprises can build their own T-Mobile coverage in their facilities.  

Step 1

Connect latest Android/Apple smartphones and tablets with SIM/eSIMs from T-Mobile

Step 2

Inside the building, devices are automatically detected, authenticated and connected to Celona Access Points (APs) over private cellular spectrum

Step 3

The data/voice session is seamlessly routed to the MNO network via a secure tunnel using Celona’s cloud based Multi Operator Exchange (MOXN)

Key value of Celona Neutral Host

For Subscribers

  • High quality indoor cellular wireless connectivity
  • Requires no manual connection step
  • Secure cellular connectivity replaces un-secured open guest Wi-Fi networks
  • Works with all major smartphones and tablets
  • e911 and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA)

For Operators

  • Improved subscriber experience
  • Zero cost approach to adding in-building coverage
  • Add Enterprise subscribers
  • Non overlapping spectrum (CBRS) reduces RF engineering cost

For Enterprises

  • Coverage everywhere you need
  • Deploy in weeks not years
  • Use existing network infrastructure
  • Add up to 5 operators in the future without additional hardware
  • Frees up Wi-Fi network capacity from guest usage
  • Use same CBRS network for private use cases

Celona Neutral Host vs Cellular DAS

Celona Neutral Host offers a much simpler, scalable solution to address in-building public cellular coverage, accelerating time to value in comparison to traditional Carrier DAS.

Traditional Cellular DAS

High implementation costs
Lengthy and complex deployments
Lower capacity
Requires dedicated fiber/coax wiring
Complex RF design due to use of licensed spectrum
Single use network

Celona Neutral Host Solution

40-60% lower TCO
Operational in weeks not months or years
Higher in-building capacity
Connects to existing LAN
Simple RF design due to the use of CBRS spectrum
Multi-use Public/private network

Extending in-building public cellular coverage with Celona Neutral Host

Mehmet Yavuz, our CTO, and Puneet Shetty, VP of Product Management & Technical Marketing, go into detail about what Neutral Host is, the architecture, operator partnerships, and key use cases.

Industries deploying Celona’s Neutral Host today

Celona’s Neutral Host service can enable property owners to enhance customer and staff experience by providing five bar carrier coverage inside a property with poor cellular service.

Property owners have the option to also enable a highly reliable private cellular network for business-critical use cases such as security cameras, connected staff, IoT sensors, robotics using the same infrastructure.

  • Hospital lobby, waiting/ consultation rooms, public spaces
  • BYOD for doctors, medical and operational staff
Private wireless use cases
  • Security cameras, connected staff, IoT sensors, robotics
Commercial Office Space
  • Lobby, offices, conference rooms, common spaces
  • BYOD for tenants, guests and operational staff
Private wireless use cases
  • Security cameras, connected staff, IoT sensors, robotics
  • Customer service & experience, POS areas
  • Multi-channel customer buying experience
  • BYOD connectivity for employees
Private wireless use cases
  • Security cameras, AGVs, robotics etc.
  • Lobby, guest rooms, conference rooms, pool areas
  • BYOD for guests and operational staff
Private wireless use cases
  • Security cameras, connected staff, IoT sensors, robotics

Why choose Celona 

The industry’s only turnkey private wireless expressly engineered for the enterprise   

Industrial strength private wireless designed for the most critical business apps

Tight integrations to secure all wireless communications

Enterprise friendly management and operations 

Global spectrum model support 

Device certification program eliminates guess work on compatibility 

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