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Unleash the power of Apple devices on your Celona 5G LAN

Comprehensive feature integration and rigorous device interoperability testing ensures  seamless deployment of Apple devices on Celona’s private 4G/5G networks

The iPhone 5G experienceSolution Overview

Apple devices such as iPhone and iPads are being widely used for indoor/outdoor enterprise applications at warehouses, manufacturing, and refinery environments.

Most Apple devices, since iPhone 12,  support private wireless spectrums and are 5G LAN certified – meaning they have been thoroughly tested for interoperability on Celona’s 5G LAN private wireless network, both for 4G and 5G SA use cases. This certification eliminates interoperability risk as customers deploy their private wireless network with Apple devices.​

iOS Devices with private 5G NR and LTE support:

What's New

The iPhone 5G Experience

eSIM experience iOS17

Generating, installing, and activating an eSIM with an iPhone and Celona Orchestrator

Prioritizing applications on the network with MicroSlicing™

Microslicing™ technology allows segmenting traffic and assigning specific priority and security profile on the network.

The example in this video shows allocating bandwidth and priority for a video conferencing application (Zoom) running on an iPhone.​

Configuring and measuring private 5G network performance on an iPhone 13

In this video, we walk you through how easy it is to activate an iPhone 13 device on a Celona 5G LAN network and showcase expected performance metrics. We also demonstrate the use of Microslicing to prioritize zoom traffic.