Help Us Take Enterprise Wireless to Where It Has Not Yet Been
Celona Beta Program offers you to get introduced to enterprise cellular wireless, test drive its cutting edge capabilities and provide us a way to receive valuable product feedback. Your contributions will allow us to improve the scale and usability of the end-to-end architecture and help us identify critical issues within its components. This program is offered at no-cost to you and to be used within an enterprise facility in the United States. For a limited time, the installation of the Celona solution in your environment will come with a half-day of technical training on Celona product capabilities, Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum and LTE/5G cellular wireless principles.
Review and complete our application form: we have tried to keep it simple and to the point. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email from us requesting you to jump on a call with our technical experts. Our smart calendar will make scheduling a breeze. After we have discussed the basic logistical details, we will note down specific technical use cases that will be under test as part of the beta program agreement. Once you're enrolled, we will work together to complete the action items noted in our beta program engineering checklist, which will provide us a step-by-step outline allows us to install, validate and test the beta deployment of the Celona system in your environment.
We expect the installation of the Celona system to take a few weeks from the time your application is approved. We will be following your lead in terms of scheduling  onsite meetings. After the Celona solution is operational, beta program will last up to 60 days. Given that the Celona network is cloud-managed, its software release might be updated every 2 weeks as part of our engineering development cycle. You will receive an email notification 24 hours in advance before Celona’s cloud instance for beta installations is updated. At the end of the beta program, you will have the option to use the system in place towards a pilot install in a production environment, for up to an additional 45 days.

Can I apply for multiple beta installations?

We recommend you to submit multiple beta applications only if there is a clear difference in terms of the technical and business use cases, audiences served, geolocations under test and application types to be tested on the Celona network. In most conditions, given limited product availability, we will approve a single beta installation per customer.

How do I provide feedback during the program?

We will use the weekly check-in meetings that we will setup with your team to gather your feedback. Topics would range from specific product features to requests for usability enhancements.

Who can participate in the beta program?

As highlighted in the application form for the beta program, we expect enterprise IT professionals and leaders to submit the request on behalf of their organization. New category of service providers that are trying to take advantage of the CBRS spectrum to offer new services in the enterprise. Solution partner candidates that are looking to extend the reach of their OT offer with the CBRS spectrum. Network designers that are trying to take advantage of the CBRS.

Are Celona’s products and software confidential as part of the beta program?

Yes, Celona product components as part of the beta program install is confidential. It is strongly recommended that the beta hardware and software should not be deployed within facilities and systems you don't directly control. As covered by the beta program terms of service and the mutual NDA signed as part of the agreement, it is required that you do not share information about the beta installation publicly and discuss its findings with other organizations.

How do I opt out of the program?

You may opt out of the program at any time, and can email us at to start the process. Celona will be responsible for helping you with deactivation of your account along with removal of your data from Celona’s cloud service. Customers would be responsible to tear down the hardware installed on-premises and use the return shipping labels provided at the time of installation.