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Celona GDPR

Last Updated: September 2023

Celona is committed to providing Celona private 5G network services to our customers in compliance with GDPR.

Celona is a global company, and we strive to comply with all applicable privacy and data security laws where we offer our products and services, including GDPR, and other applicable laws. To that end, Celona provides the following commitments:

These commitments are included in Celona’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA).  The DPA contains the data privacy and data protection terms governing Celona’s use of a customer’s personal data. All customer orders are governed by the terms of the DPA and only one DPA is needed between customer and Celona. The DPA has been drafted specifically to address Celona’s narrow use of personal data.  The DPA can be found here.  For more details about the application of GDPR to Celona products and services, please review our DPA Cover Sheet found here.

For any other requests to exercise your GDPR privacy rights, please email us at privacy@celona.io

Note, in order to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your Personal Information, we may need to verify your identity before processing your request. In some cases, we may need to collect additional information to verify your identity, such as a government issued ID.