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Fanatics On-Demand Webinar

The latest from the Private Wireless frontier

Get a front-row seat to the transformative power of private wireless in our Fanatics Partner Webinar.

We’re armed with compelling use cases of customers who once faced crippling connectivity challenges, and provide a succinct demo of the Celona Orchestrator Device Experience feature.

Use cases we'll cover:

Oil & Gas: Learn how a leading oil & gas company overcame unreliable outdoor coverage with Celona's promise of pervasive coverage, effectively digitizing inspection operations and saving over $1M in the first year.

Manufacturing: Discover how an Italian tile manufacturer, grappling with disrupted services due to poor Wi-Fi coverage, leveraged Celona's solution for faster, efficient material handling. The result? Lower CAPEX/OPEX and considerably improved productivity.

Warehousing: Seamless mobility solved the problem of ineffective Wi-Fi roaming that was causing bots to disconnect and halt operations. The result was a whopping 90% reduction in downtime and faster rollouts thanks to a 10x reduction in access points.

The Celona Orchestrator Experience: A demo of how simple 5G LAN deployment can be for your customers, showcasing our enhanced “Device Experience” feature, for measuring and monitoring how well your devices are experiencing the Celona network. This allows IT admins to easily identify devices with a poor experience, rank them in terms of impact, and provide recommendations for troubleshooting and adapting your device experience within a site.

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