The Celona Platform

Powered by cloud software and AI automation to make cellular wireless fully accessible in the enterprise, its consumption is aligned with modern IT operations and all of its capabilities are made available as a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription license.

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Featuring: Celona Assistant

An assistant powered by AI that gives you the insights you need and automates the rest. It is an essential ingredient for a Celona 5G LAN and first of its kind for private mobile networks.

Lifecycle Automation

Design recommendations for 5G LAN dimensioning based on capacity requirements and changing device densities

Application Intelligence

Algorithms to predict quality of experience on a Celona 5G LAN, with machine learning across real-world deployments

Policy Instrumentation

Enforcement for each MicroSlicing policy in a Celona 5G LAN, based on real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for app quality

Celona Orchestrator

Face of the Celona platform, it enables  configuration, SIM provisioning, policy automation and more for a Celona 5G LAN.

Seeing is believing

Pick your option to see our 5G LAN solution in action and let us show you what's inside the Celona platform.

Celona Edge

As an extension of the Celona Platform, Celona Edge terminates data and control plane traffic from the Celona Access Points. It acts as the LTE/5G mobile core for wireless clients, with each of its functions enabled as horizontally scaleable microservices.

  • Activated and configured remotely via the Celona Orchestrator
  • Network segmentation per Celona MicroSlicing™ policy
  • Enables centralized encryption for connected devices
  • Integrates with enterprise LAN when installed on-premises
  • Compatible with hypercloud services at the enterprise edge
  • Reserves datapath & memory resources per MicroSlicing policy
  • Acts as the proxy for site-wide private spectrum reservation
  • Can be acquired pre-installed on Celona Edge Appliances
Data Sheet for Celona Edge Appliances

Celona MicroSlicing™

Our patent-pending technology enables unprecedented integration of cellular wireless and enterprise networks.

Celona Network Planner

Estimate the number of access points in your Celona 5G LAN given a facility type, address and size, active client device density and application performance requirements.

  • Real-time monitoring of private spectrum availability per site
  • Predictive analysis across different vertical environments
  • Ready for coverage-only and capacity based requirements
  • Scale to planning across multiple sites via Planner API
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Our Portfolio of Access Points

Enabling the highest levels of predictable performance and range ever seen in enterprise wireless, they come integrated with private spectrum access and Celona's self-organizing RF intelligence to maximize network capacity, indoors and outdoors.