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CBRS and Wi-Fi: Friends or Foes? feat. CWNP

At Celona we're often asked if CBRS and Wi-Fi are competitors or are in fact collaborative technologies. Ultimately, this may depend on the specific use case, how it is deployed, or the environment it is being used in. Before you get to that deployment step, however, let's first understand the similarities and differences between the two.

Tom Carpenter, CTO at CWNP and Andrew von Nagy, Director of Solutions Engineering at Celona examine this controversial topic, get into the technical details and touch on the following topics, in addition to questions from the audience:

  • What are the differences in onboarding Wi-Fi and CBRS capable devices to enterprise networks?
  • How do these devices behave as they move between WI-Fi and CBRS access points?
  • How should enterprise IT teams think about network access control with Wi-Fi and CBRS?
  • How does each technology tackle dynamic RF channel/power management across access points?
  • What are the methods to ensure app level QoS and high network capacity with each technology?