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Celona 5G LAN Products and Technology to Power the Nation’s Largest Private Cellular Network

LAS VEGAS - September 29, 2022 - Celona, the industry’s innovator of 5G LAN solutions, today announced that its 5G LAN products and technology will be used as the foundation for NTT’s multi-phase Private 5G (P5G) planned expansion project for the City of Las Vegas.

One of the first city-wide private wireless deployments globally, the multiphase plan targets the use of new Citizens Broadband Radio Spectrum (CBRS) to expand the private network across the entire city and potentially into neighbouring cities in the future, enabling improved services in other areas including law enforcement, telehealth, and Internet of things infrastructure.

The NTT P5G network-as-a-service platform will allow the City of Las Vegas to harness the power of private cellular technology to link together educational institutions, businesses, and community assets in a manner not previously possible. The Celona-powered NTT P5G platform will help the City of Las Vegas better support local businesses, give visitors and residents access to more services and open new potential revenue streams.

Celona access points operate in shared cellular spectrum that will allow the city to provide coverage with a fraction of the number of Wi-Fi access points which also reduces associated labor and network infrastructure costs.

Combined with full stack Celona Edge software, NTT’s P5G service will serve as an open platform available to local businesses, government, healthcare, and educational institutions. The network will help to bridge the digital divide, supporting a wide range of use cases such as expanding wireless broadband access, video surveillance for public safety and private cellular network access for medical facilities and city departments.

“Our collaboration with Celona on this project can’t be overstated,” said Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT Ltd. “And we believe NTT’s partnership with the City of Las Vegas reflects a new model for wireless connectivity that will drive innovation while creating a scalable framework for municipalities to better offer reliable wireless connectivity, enhanced security, and greater access to critical public services,” Shahid concluded.

With its open and intelligent network, NTT can customize network services to fit varying requirements for new applications, whether involving full stack, edge, or smart solutions. NTT’s LTE/5G network-as-a-service integrates security, control, and privacy by design and allows enterprises and other customers to flexibly secure, scale, and segment their networks.

Through the use of Celona’s patented MicroSlicing™ technology, NTT is uniquely able offer the highest levels of service assurance by automatically enforcing granular quality of service (QoS) requirements, such as packet loss, throughput, or latency, for each application or device group from the RAN across the entire network.

“The City of Las Vegas has aggressively embraced advances in wireless technology and is quickly becoming viewed as a technology epicenter for business,” said Rajeev Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Celona. “We are thrilled that Celona products and technology are being used by NTT to underpin this remarkable private wireless project.”

Based in Silicon Valley, Celona is a pioneer and leading innovator of enterprise private wireless solutions. The company is credited with developing the industry’s first 5G LAN system, a turnkey, 4G/5G system that enables enterprises and mobile network operators to address the growing demands for more deterministic wireless connectivity for critical business applications and vital use cases not met by conventional wireless alternatives. Celona’s products and technology have been selected and deployed by a wide range of customers including Verizon, NTT, SBA Communications, Standard Steel and Haslam Sports Group. To date, the company has raised $100 million in venture funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, NTT Ventures, Cervin Ventures, DigitalBridge and Qualcomm Ventures. For more information, please visit celona.io and follow Celona on Twitter @celonaio.

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