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Celona & CWNP Release Private Cellular Wireless Certification For Enterprise Network Professionals

CUPERTINO, Calif. – September 19, 2022- Celona, the industry’s innovator of 5G LAN solutions, announced that is has partnered with Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWNP) to sponsor the first private cellular wireless certification course developed by subject matter experts to teach and validate 5G LAN basics to enterprise network professionals.

Celona’s certified 5G LAN specialist (C5S) course, hosted by CWNP, provides learners with a vendor-neutral introduction to emerging private LTE/5G solutions and technologies. The C5S certification from Celona is valid for three years.

Ideal for wireless network engineers, architects, decisionmakers and technology advisors from both the IT and telecom industries, the free, six-hour online course and exam ensures attendees have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts for private spectrum options, LTE/5G cellular wireless technology benefits, and new generation of application / use case drivers requiring deterministic connectivity on enterprise wireless.

To date, professionals in more than 150 countries have achieved CWNP certifications, enabling them to make wireless LANs more cost-effective, reliable, and secure.

“Because CWNP is widely recognized as the industry standard for Wi-Fi certification, network professionals have always looked to us to provide domain expertise and world-class education on the latest technologies and deployment practices,” said Tom Carpenter, CTO of CWNP.  
“While we are committed to remaining vendor independent, we believe our partnership with Celona, a technology pioneer in the private cellular wireless space, will help address exciting new developments in 5G LANs that are poised to change how network professionals think about, design and deploy enterprise wireless networks going forward.”

Celona’s5G LAN Specialist (C5S) certification educates attendees about a wide range of private cellular operations and technologies such as:

  • Distinguishing factors between 5G LANs and Wi-Fi LANs
  • Technical considerations for deploying 5G LANs
  • Business needs that 5G LANs satisfy, distinct from Wi-Fi
  • 5G radio access network features and capabilities
  • The terminology and concepts used in 5G LANs
  • Private cellular spectrum framework (e.g. CBRS in the United States)
  • Shared spectrum and regulatory requirements in various countries
  • End user device selection given business and technical use cases
  • The use and administration of physical and embedded SIMs (eSIM)
  • Private LTE/5G integration within existing enterprise L2/L3 infrastructures
  • The differences between indoor and outdoor deployments

Celona’s certified 5GLAN specialist course is available today and has been made available to CWNP community members at no cost. Enterprise network professionals can register for a free community membership at CWNP.com and start their certification track.



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