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ITDRC and Celona Partner to Bring Vital Connectivity to First Responders



5G LAN technology shown to radically reduce the time to deliver reliable wireless connectivity to crisis response recovery teams and communities dealing with disasters


CUPERTINO,Calif. – July 19, 2022 - Celona, the industry’s innovator of 5G LAN solutions, today announced it has partnered with the InformationTechnology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) to leverage private cellular wireless powered by the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in theUnited States to accelerate delivery of mission-critical wireless connectivity to emergency response teams and communities in crisis.

The companies have now completed initial testing and validation of Celona’s 5G LAN solution in terms of wireless coverage and performance in challenging outdoor environments, in and around ITDRC crisis centers. Results revealed that Celona’s private cellular wireless system was able to effectively deal with a myriad of interference issues and could be deployed in less than half the time of other wired and wireless alternatives. For instance, a single Celona outdoor CBRS access point equipped with dual 13 dBi omni directional antennas, mounted 15feet atop an ITDRC mobile technology unit was able to deliver reliable connectivity to Apple iPad Mini devices over a mile away.

“In disasters, deploying fast and wire-like reliable connectivity is simply nonnegotiable,”said Joe Hillis, Operations Director for ITDRC. “With CBRS, we can literally deploy our own cellular infrastructure in a matter of minutes rather than hours- without having to pull a massive amount of cabling or deal with problematic obstructions or interference issues. We see Celona 5G LANs as a real game-changer for giving first responders and emergency crews the connectivity essential to doing their jobs more quickly and efficiently,” concluded Hillis.

The ITDRC is a nationwide, volunteer-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides no-cost information, communications, and technology resources to communities in crisis. The non-profit maintains a fleet of NIMS typed MobileTechnology Units, with rapidly deployable equipment including mobile broadband services, VSAT connectivity, network infrastructure, workstations, hotspots, telephony, and radio communications. ITDRC disaster response teams are mobilized within 24 hours of an event and remain deployed for 3-6 weeks to facilitate resources for recovery.

Celona outdoor 5G LAN access points installed at ITDRC base camp operations offer long-range and reliable private cellular connectivity to mobile routers andCBRS-capable mobile devices in and around disaster sites. This allows first responders to track assets, access GIS mapping data, communicate with staff as well as provide Internet access to temporary housing units for families needing to file insurance claims, access FEMA resources and communicate with loved ones.  

According to Hillis, while Wi-Fi, microwave, satellite, and public cellular broadband technologies are also used in disaster situations, each come with its own set of limitations. Because the unlicensed cellular CBRS spectrum allows operation at high transmit power levels supporting larger wireless coverage areas, it can often reduce the amount of equipment required. A Celona 5G LAN is designed to be completely controlled by ITDRC without external third party involvement and offers more deterministic connectivity and mobility to operations staff on the front lines.

“If there’s an ideal use case for private wireless, this is it,” said ÖzerDondurmacıoğlu, VP of Marketing for Celona. “When time to connectivity impacts vital operations, our focused approach to rapid deployment of private cellular wireless becomes invaluable.”

The Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, Inc isa 501(c)(3) non-profit comprised of volunteer IT professionals from across theUnited States who provide technology continuity and recovery assistance to communities affected by disaster. Services are provided at no cost as a service of the technology community. Founded in 2008, ITDRC is headquartered in Dallas,TX. To volunteer, sponsor, or learn more, visit www.itdrc.org.


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