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Celona Introduces Industry's Most Complete Suite Of Private 5G Solutions For The U.S. And Global Markets



Brings the industry’s only 5G LAN architecture to global enterprises, speeding the deployment and lowering the total cost of ownership for new Industry 4.0 applications

CAMPBELL, CA– February 21, 2023 - Celona, the leading innovator of enterprise private wireless solutions today unveiled the industry’s first all-inclusive portfolio of indoor and outdoor 5G NR products for the U.S. and global markets.

Enterprises around the world now have access to a unique standards-based 5G LAN architecture that offers the performance, reliability, and security of private 5G technology within a turnkey platform that reduces the total cost of ownership for essential digital transformation initiatives.

This frees organizations to achieve the true benefits of automated operations, minimizing costs and speeding time to market by eliminating network disruptions and lost productivity.

“We believe the success of digital transformation efforts will be predicated on the adoption and use of private 5G,” said Rajeev Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of Celona. “Our new private 5G portfolio is not only the most comprehensive but is also fundamental to satisfying bottom-line business outcomes being driven by a new era of applications that demand the highest levels of network performance, security and predictability.”

Celona’s 5G LAN architecture has been uniquely engineered to ensure friction-free, end-to-end operation. It is the only private 5G architecture to combine direct enterprise network integration, dynamic zero touch QoS enforcement and integrated security with an open ecosystem of Celona-certified 5G devices.  

“We are pleased that our customers now have the option to access Celona’s enterprise ready CBRS and Private LTE/5G network solutions to satisfy a growing number of use cases,” said Julie Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Mobile Computing, Zebra Technologies. “Maintaining reliable, stable and secure indoor and outdoor connectivity is critical, and we look forward to the deployment of Celona’s future-proof wireless solutions.” 

Now organizations can quickly integrate private 5G within existing enterprise IP domains, automatically enforce end-to-end QoS without configuring clients, and leverage existing security and firewall services already in place with a central, correlated view of all events across the private 5G network.

Celona’s private 5G LAN platform brings together all the requisite components for building a high performance private 5G network capable of delivering aggregate speeds of up to 1 Gbps with latency rates of 10 milliseconds or less. This opens the door to new enterprise use cases with heavy uplink such as high-definition video surveillance while allowing latency-sensitive protocols such as Profinet, used in industrial controls for smart manufacturing and smart buildings to run smoothly over wireless.

Private wireless is widely viewed as essential for enabling a new set of Industry 4.0 applications including automated manufacturing within factories, real time asset tracking and management within warehousing environments and industrial robotics used in logistics, shipping ports and oil and gas refineries.

“Celona’s private 5G system looks to be an ideal connectivity canopy for many transformational smart city use cases vital to our future,” said Feroz Merchhiya, Chief Information Officer at theCity of Glendale, Arizona.

Glendale is piloting Celona’s new private 5G system for a range of smart city applications such as high-definition video surveillance, traffic monitoring, tele health, smart kiosks, and remote control for utilities, and other IoT systems.


Supporting both public and private spectrum requirements across a wide range of international 5G NR bands (3.3 to 4.9 GHz), customers can now leverage Celona’s private 5G platform across their global facilities to support new high bandwidth applications requiring uninterrupted mobility, predictable wireless performance at low latencies with guaranteed service quality across the entire network.

To ensure quality of service (QoS) continuity for critical applications, patented MicroSlicing™ and traffic management capabilities guarantee end-to-end service quality from the RAN across the LAN with full accessibility of end user devices.  This frees customers and partners to focus on delivering business outcomes instead of managing network complexity.


Celona’s software-led approach employs a wireless LAN deployment framework familiar to IT organizations. The new Celona private 5G product components include:

·      The Celona 5G RAN: All Celona’s private 5G access points support 2x2 MIMO operation and channel bandwidths up to100 MHz across range on international 5G NR bands (n48, n77 and n78). New models include the industry’s first fully integrated multi-mode (4G/5G) indoor access point (AP-20), an integrated 5G only indoor access point (AP-22) and an industrial integrated 5G outdoor access point (AP-21).

·      The Celona Converged Edge:  The Celona Converged Edge provides all the core and control plane services required for an enterprise-ready private mobile network. This includes a converged 4G/5G private wireless core with a unified cloud-native 4G/5G data plane and an ORAN compliant RAN intelligent controller service (RIC) optimized for enterprise use-cases. These services are integrated with a Kubernetes-based orchestration engine that enables complex deployment models including redundant clusters and service slicing without any administrative overhead.

·      The Celona Orchestrator: A cloud-based platform that enables remote installation of Celona’s access points and Edge software across multiple enterprise sites and allows for provisioning of Celona SIMs and eSIMs against required device level access control policies within the enterprise network.


Starting immediately, Celona’s new 5G NR products are available through a diverse network of channel partners, all components of Celona’s 5G private wireless system are priced as a single software-as-a-service license, with three- and five-year subscription options. This pricing model incorporates Celona indoor and outdoor access points, Spectrum Access System (SAS) license for CBRS spectrum access (if required), Celona Edge software, Celona SIM cards or eSIMs and cloud-based Orchestrator management system, technical support and hardware warranty. Three-year subscription list pricing per indoor or outdoor AP starts at US $17,000 and $57,500 respectively.

For more information, please feel free to read our 5G Launch FAQs, or reach out and contact us.


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