Slice of Celona

Slice of Celona Ep 1: The First Slice
Go beyond the technical jargon and get a behind the scenes look at the culture at Celona, how those beliefs shape the future of the company and the technology solution.
Slice of Celona Ep 2: Slice of Partners
Explore Celona's ecosystem of technology and solution partners, and how they work together to serve enterprise customers.‍
Slice of Celona Ep 3: Slice of Private LTE and 5G
Cover different aspects of private mobile networks and explain their unique benefits with few analogies.
Slice of Celona Ep 4: Slice of CBRS
Demystify exactly how CBRS works and break it down - so you don’t have to be a cellular geek like Özer Dondurmacıoğlu and Greg Yatman to understand it.
Slice of Celona Ep 5: Slice of Cloud Native
Simplifying the story behind the use of cloud-native software architectures within enterprise networks.
Slice of Celona Ep 6: Slice of AI
Dicussing the topic of AI, how it's an important part of the Celona solution and why it's not just another industry buzzword.
Slice of Celona Ep 7: Slice of Private 5G
Dive deeper into the topic of Private 5G and how it operates both alongside public mobile networks and within existing enterprise networks.
Slice of Celona Ep 8: Slice of Smart Cities
Explore the use cases, considerations, and opportunities for Private 5G and Celona technology in Smart Cities around the United States and beyond.