Mobile Experts Analyst Report

The State of Private Wireless 2023 & Beyond

Industrial networks are mission-critical by nature, so it is not surprising to see heavy-duty businesses like Mining and Energy leading the charge away from Wi-Fi and toward longer-distance links with high reliability.

This Mobile Experts Analyst Report serves as your guide through this evolution, focusing on Private Wireless technology's crucial role in the enterprise - eliminating operational downtime, enabling deterministic performance for business-critical applications, and streamlining deployment by leveraging existing LAN infrastructure and IP network services.

Gain insights into:

  • Use cases: See how Private Wireless enables reduced turnaround times, improved agility, and enhanced network reliability in semi-industrial and mining environments.
  • Deployment Models: Detailed analysis of the deployment models that align with your existing network infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration and higher ROI.
  • Private Wireless & Wi-Fi: Learn about the coexistence and integration possibilities for Private Wireless networks with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, and how to form a comprehensive solution for both IT and OT applications with consistent QoS frameworks.

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