It's Time to Put CBRS to Work

Predictable performance is the biggest need for today’s business-essential applications and it is no longer negotiable. For many environments, cabling is simply too costly and Wi-Fi is oversubscribed. With private 5G, it is now possible to embrace an additional lane for wireless connectivity in the enterprise.


Opportunities Ahead

Network engineers can now enforce wired like service levels on enterprise wireless and support applications that demand real-time compute at low latency. Solution architects who grew up with the cloud can now deploy network resources as easily as apps themselves. Enterprise IT leaders can control their own destiny with data and network ownership as they craft their strategy for 5G.

It's Now Possible to Overcome the Perceived Limitations of Enterprise Wireless

Thanks to the availability of dynamic spectrum sharing methods such as CBRS and private LTE / 5G wireless.

No interference

Centralized coordination of the CBRS spectrum via an FCC certified Shared Access System (SAS) service translates to undisrupted operation for connected client devices - even when nearby networks are present.

No collisions

LTE and 5G wireless infrastructure schedules traffic transmissions not only for the CBRS access points but also for the connected devices on the network - significantly improving latency metrics.

No inconsistencies

LTE and 5G go beyond QoS prioritization on wireless and allows the definition of service level objectives for latency/jitter, throughput, and packet error rate given a set of applications and connected devices.

No drops

By taking into account the radio resources available across the entire network, a CBRS access point is responsible to initiate handover events for connected client devices to other access points.

No limits

Due to strong power profile and "hearing" abilities, a single CBRS access point offers up to 25K sqft of coverage indoors and 1M sqft outdoors - significantly reducing cost of cabling infrastructure.

No devices left behind

CBRS access points can support low data rate connectivity for client devices at 10s of Kbps - translating to solid connectivity for IoT infrastructure at the edges of a cellular wireless coverage area.

Reactions and Opinions From The Industry

"Video cameras and emergency systems demand wireless connectivity since cabling is time-consuming and expensive. And, I want my users on the Wi-Fi network - not my IoT and facilities infrastructure."

Kevin Partridge

Executive Director of IT Infrastructure Services and Deputy CIO, West Chester University

"Today’s digital transformation projects across verticals such as industrial, energy and manufacturing require reliable wireless connectivity on a clean spectrum with a promise of guaranteed service levels."

Neil Anderson

Senior Director of Network Solutions,
World Wide Technology

"Celona’s application-aware approach allows our customers to meet new generation of connectivity challenges - from video surveillance to autonomous robots to IoT infrastructure."

Ken Hosac

Vice President of IoT Strategy and Business Development, Cradlepoint
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Leading Use Cases Across Verticals

CBRS spectrum is making way to new digital business initiatives on enterprise wireless.


Dedicated voice and collaboration apps on smartphones assigned to clinical staff


Digital data entry and push-to-talk voice on staff operated handhelds


Network segmentation for point-of-sale devices and backstage staff operations

Higher education

Outdoor wireless backhaul for fire alarms, video surveillance and more


Wireless connectivity for autonomous vehicles and autonomous robots


Long range outdoor wireless for staff operations in challenging environments


Mobile point-of-sale applications on staff operated smartphones and tablets


Predictable quality for collaboration apps on smartphones assigned to clinical staff


Maximum uptime for digital data entry and push-to-talk voice on mobile devices


Network segmentation and clean spectrum for backstage staff operations

Higher Education

Outdoor wireless backhaul for fire alarms, video surveillance and more


Wireless connectivity for autonomous vehicles and autonomous robots


Long range outdoor wireless for staff operations in challenging environments


Clean spectrum for mobile PoS on staff operated smartphones and tablets


Network segmentation for tactical communications with SIM based security

Transportation Yards

Latency sensitive remote control of cranes via real-time video stream

K-12 Schools

Outdoor wireless backhaul to student homes and community services


Device level security for smart building systems and outdoor IoT infrastructure


Predictable bandwidth for video streaming across very large areas

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Real Solutions. Significant Savings on TCO.

New generation of enterprise wireless connectivity is powered by the growing CBRS ecosystem.

Outdoor wireless backhaul for IoT and video

Eliminate up to 75% of the fiber cabling and installation costs

Clean spectrum for smart devices

Lower cost of operator contracts for cellular service on staff devices

Latency sensitive connectivity for IoT

Significant reduction in operational expense due to improved uptime

Connectivity for autonomous robots and vehicles

Faster adoption of technology that demand real-time compute

Rugged tablet and PTT handset connectivity

Improved productivity due to ease of use and predictable coverage

Collaboration apps on staff-operated devices

Eliminating downtime during congestion and device mobility

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