Unprecedented integration of cellular wireless with existing enterprise IT infrastructures. Powered by Celona MicroSlicing™, the first enterprise-ready implementation of 5G Network Slicing principles.


It's Time to Adapt New Principles for Private 5G

Today's architectures need to evolve to prioritize enterprise friendly deployment models.

Accelerating app adoption

AIOps that not only monitor but enforce service level metrics for any enterprise owned app used for digital automation

Adapting to security policies

Role based policies that translate SIM based cellular wireless authentication to existing corporate security policies

Delivering simplicity at scale

Automated provisioning of network infrastructure that deploys as an overlay on top of any enterprise IT infrastructure

Automating operations

KPI based monitoring of device and application quality, going beyond network infrastructure management

Building Blocks of a Celona 5G LAN

Taking advantage of private spectrum options, such as CBRS in the United States

Cloud first architecture

Ready for private, edge and public clouds

All resources within Celona's network operating system are built as microservices, designed to scale horizontally with evolving application requirements.

AI that takes action

Machine learning for app intelligence

Network configuration changes and resource management on cellular wireless are automated to guarantee app service levels such as max latency and min throughput.

All ingredients you need

Optimized for plug-n-play installation

Private LTE access points, SIM cards with 5G ready mobile core, SAS license for CBRS spectrum usage, AIOps platform for KPI centric monitoring and network automation.

Self organizing wireless

No-touch operation indoors and outdoors

Optimized for private spectrum options, per application service level requirements are translated to radio access network (RAN) slicing and LTE/5G scheduler actions.

Why Celona MicroSlicing™?

Our patent-pending technology is the glue that fully translates enterprise IT and industrial IoT requirements to a Celona 5G LAN.

Application aware

Each app is assigned specific latency/jitter, packet error rate and throughput metrics

Enterprise ready

Groups of devices are mapped to existing enterprise IP domains for L2/L3 networking

Overlay deployment

Each app and device on Celona wireless is visible to the rest of the enterprise network

Role based policies

Access control is dynamically enforced on a per device or device group basis

Wireless with SLA

Mobility events and traffic flows are dynamically managed to enforce app quality service levels

Key Performance Indicators

MicroSlicing metrics keep track of application specific SLAs across the network and all devices

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Get in touch with our experts to schedule a custom demo of the solution, personalized to your specific wireless connectivity requirements.

What Others Think

Industry recognition for Celona's unique architecture and differentiated technology.

"Celona’s MicroSlicing™ technology is fundamentally differentiated in its ability to identify individual client devices, protecting specific app QoS metrics and applying per-device policy inside the enterprise perimeter."

Chuck Lukaszewski

VP Wireless Strategy and Standards
HPE Aruba

"Celona platform includes machine learning libraries for app intelligence and AI based actions for network automation that are particularly critical for ease-of-use and sophisticated spectrum management."


2020 Emerging Vendor Award, Networking and Unified Communications Category

“We were able to get our Celona network up and running easily, handling more than $0.5M worth of secure sales without a single problem. We are definitely taking advantage of the solution again next year."

Kimberly Spurgeon

CFO and Director of Operations
Dayton Art Institute

Investing in Private Mobile Networks for the Right Reasons

Our unique 5G LAN solution is only useful when it is a match for practical business opportunities and digital applications in your environment.