Celona 5G LAN and Azure Private MEC

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Enterprise solution architects who subscribe to application delivery services in the cloud and increasingly within the four walls of the enterprise are now in search of IT infrastructure solutions that speak their language. Here at Celona, we believe that deploying your private LTE and 5G network should be as easy as rolling out a new application with Microsoft Azure.

Thanks to the cloud-native Celona platform, you can do just that as a customer of Azure private MEC (Mobile Edge Compute). As you roll out new generation of digital automation projects, your private mobile network resources can be deployed as apps themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the use cases Celona's 5G LAN solution address in the enterprise?

Celona accelerates the adoption for business critical apps by taking advantage of the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in the United States. Celona’s product architecture offers industry's first 5G LAN solution for private cellular wireless that can be fully integrated with an existing enterprise IT environment. This level of agility comes with high degree of reliability as Celona's infrastructure supports voice communications in healthcare, process automation in logistics, latency sensitive computer vision applications across transportation yards - and many other industries where digitization efforts cannot wait for the delays in network infrastructure rollouts.

What are the components of Celona's 5G LAN solution ?

A Celona 5G LAN comes with all the ingredients required to allow an enterprise IT team to build their own private LTE/5G wireless network. They include centrally managed SIM cards, enterprise optimized indoor and outdoor access points, centralized management and operations console - and of course, Azure Stack Edge server compatible, private mobile network core software called the Celona Edge. All these components are purpose designed to fit the current operational model of a network operations and engineering team within the enterprise, and to be deployed as an overlay on an existing enterprise IT infrastructure.

How can IT teams use Celona's platform along with Azure Stack Edge?

Via Azure private MEC, deployment of Celona Edge software can be automated and orchestrated within your existing app infrastructure. As a cloud native software stack, Celona software scales horizontally as networking requirements expand within the enterprise. It automatically translates private LTE/5G wireless and Azure Stack Edge server compute resources and ensures quality of service for the most critical enterprise applications. By removing friction in seamless integration within an existing IT network, Celona allows for rapid deployment of Azure private MEC resources in any corner of the enterprise footprint, from branch to campus locations.

What are the next steps in evaluating Celona's 5G LAN solution?

Simply fill out the form below with the relevant details on the objectives of your Azure private MEC implementation, and we will be in touch. Our team will be ready to support your connectivity needs associated with your ongoing projects and help translate private mobile network design to your enterprise app requirements.

Leave us a note and let's get you started with a free trial of the joint solution.