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Private Mobile Networks with Celona

Celona's Mehmet Yavuz introduces Celona's private LTE/5G solution and talks to its benefits

Learn how Celona offers enterprises a turnkey solution for the new and exciting world for private LTE and 5G wireless.

Check out this video to get answers to questions like:

  • What are the benefits of private LTE / 5G for enterprise wireless networks?
  • What are the architectural principles of Celona’s unique approach?
  • How can the end to end Celona architecture be designed and deployed?
  • What are key points of technology differentiation for Celona’s solution?

Key Takeaways

  • Celona provides a one stop shop for enterprise networking professionals who wish to leverage private LTE and 5G wireless within their infrastructure.
  • Through a combination of hardware, cloud native software and artificial intelligence (AI), Celona solution supports private cellular networks in the enterprise at scale.
  • Celona Edge allows enterprises to integrate their cellular network directly within their environment as an overlay - in the same way they do so with SD-WAN and Wi-Fi.
  • Celona Orchestrator enforces QoS and policies on a per application and per device group basis through AI-powered automation.
  • Private LTE / 5G provides an additional lane of wireless connectivity option for enterprise-owned and staff-operated critical mobile and IoT infrastructure.


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