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It’s Time to Build Your Own Mobile Network

We are proud to introduce one of the most transformational products seen in the enterprise networking industry.

Celona’s new platform for private mobile networks is a culmination of many years of my efforts to make enterprise cellular a reality – from my days of leading the small cell R&D team inQualcomm to eventually moving to the Silicon Valley and co-founding Celona. Following close to two years of diligent engineering efforts with constant conversations with the most sophisticated enterprise customers to guide our way, Celona has developed industry’s first AI-powered private LTE/5G solution to make cellular technology accessible to every business.


This journey has been made possible thanks to one of the most profound developments for enterprise networks since Wi-Fi – the availability of the CBRS spectrum in the UnitedStates. Just like Wi-Fi triggered the entire mobility revolution in the enterprise space, private 5G will transform every business in the coming years- enabling Industry 4.0 and the automated enterprise.


Our goal with the solution we introduce today is to enable our customers to have their own mobile networks - without the cost or complexity long associated with traditional cellular wireless technology. We believe that predictable wireless is simply no longer negotiable. Our customers are trying to run applications that need ultra-reliable wireless connectivity with very low latency and seamless mobility. We believe it is time to stop making excuses and build a wireless network that meets these requirements to start a new era.


As an engineering team, we are ecstatic to introduce the first complete private mobile networking solution –not individual components, not a set of disparate puzzle pieces held together by professional services. But a truly end to end solution with every element being designed from the ground up by using the principles of modern cloud native software and sophisticated AI orchestration.


Acting as the glue in between everything we do, our unique MicroSlicing™ technology is an innovative approach to deliver unprecedented integration between cellular wireless and existing enterprise IT infrastructure. It is first and only implementation of the powerful 5G network slicing concept within an enterprise context. For the first time, enterprises can rely on a wireless network to deliver service levels to their critical and real time applications without breaking the bank.


I can honestly say this has not been easy. From day one, we believed that we needed to bring together a team that brought the best talent from 3 disparate worlds: cellular wireless, enterprise networking and cloud / AI software. This has been our secret superpower behind the scenes, and it is amazing to see what the Celona engineering team continues to accomplish day after day.  


We encourage you to take a look for yourself by visiting us at celona.io/journey and signing up to see our solution in action.  

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