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The Backbone Of CBRS

Let's review the exact channel structure, operations, and overall architecture for the CBRS spectrum in the United States.

Today we’ll be looking at the exact channel structure, operations, and overall architecture the CBRS spectrum uses, and how that plays a role in network design and implementation.

Check out the Episode 9 of Field Journal to get answers to questions like:

  • What is a Spectrum Access System, and how does CBRS integrate with it?
  • What channel bandwidths does CBRS support?
  • How is the 3GPP band segmented?
  • What are the spectral limits within a CBRS network?

Key Takeaways

  • The Spectrum Access System (SAS) is a cloud-based service that manages devices and communications within the CBRS spectrum.
  • Devices query the SAS to determine what spectrum is available and receive a list of ideal frequencies to use.
  • After a radio registers with a SAS, future allocations and channel assignments are handled by the SAS for that device.
  • Germany and the United Kingdom are both offering shared or locally licensed access to similar spectrums much like CBRS.


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