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The Backbone Of CBRS

Let's review the exact channel structure, operations, and overall architecture for the CBRS spectrum in the United States.

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Today we’ll be looking at the exact channel structure, operations, and overall architecture the CBRS spectrum uses, and how that plays a role in network design and implementation.

Check out the Episode 9 of Field Journal to get answers to questions like:

  • What is a Spectrum Access System, and how does CBRS integrate with it?
  • What channel bandwidths does CBRS support?
  • How is the 3GPP band segmented?
  • What are the spectral limits within a CBRS network?

Key Takeaways

  • The Spectrum Access System (SAS) is a cloud-based service that manages devices and communications within the CBRS spectrum.
  • Devices query the SAS to determine what spectrum is available and receive a list of ideal frequencies to use.
  • After a radio registers with a SAS, future allocations and channel assignments are handled by the SAS for that device.
  • Germany and the United Kingdom are both offering shared or locally licensed access to similar spectrums much like CBRS.


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