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How Celona Enables RealWear Hands-Free Computing

Celona private mobile networks offer predictable performance for RealWear head worn computers, at low latency.

The concept of “remote vision” technology may sound futuristic, but it has become an important reality within many industry verticals thanks to RealWear’s HMT line of hands-free remote collaboration and visual assistant tools. By clipping a HMT wearable computer to a field technician’s hat or helmet, it provides the opportunity for remote users to see and hear exactly what the Realwear enabled technician is doing in real-time.

A worker at a manufacturing site utilizing Realwear HMT for remote assist

The types of use-cases where this technology is useful within the enterprise are plentiful and include both indoor and outdoor settings. The benefit of this technology is that it provides remote viewing of locations that may be difficult to access or for situations that require specialized expertise -- but is not cost effective or feasible to send that expert to the physical location where they are needed.

Additionally, the ability to monitor the status and quality of front line technician field work can significantly improve productivity and helps to ensure that tasks are being completed properly and on time.

Often, field technicians find themselves in situations where they’re not sure how to fix a problem or complete a task. RealWear provides the necessary direct line of real-time audio and video support, reducing the number of return visits to complete a hands-free computing task.

Connecting the connected worker

Out-of-the-box, RealWear HTM devices support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technologies. However, the hands-free tools can easily connect to private LTE or 5G wireless by simply connecting the wearable computer to a USB or Wi-Fi tethered LTE/5G adapter. This greatly expands the connectivity options for RealWear including the ability to deploy the platform on a Celona infrastructure.

For details on how to enable private cellular connectivity for Realwear HMT on a Celona network, see our configuration guide.

Because the RealWear platform requires the use of real-time streaming voice and video, network requirements including latency, jitter and packet error rate must be kept within strict parameters for proper operation. The last thing anyone wants is to begin relying on productivity-saving tools from RealWear only to have them falter due to subpar Wi-Fi network performance in areas where deploying Wi-Fi is a challenge.

To protect against this, many organizations seeking to deploy RealWear are also looking to Celona to provide the proper foundation for wireless connectivity. Businesses are discovering that to deploy a reliable remote vision platform, it requires a network that can deliver guaranteed coverage, reliability and performance. In many cases, standard Wi-Fi connectivity simply does not cut it.

A better wireless alternative comes in the form of a Celona private LTE or 5G wireless, powered by Celona’s unique MicroSlicing™ technology. This network requires fewer access points to be deployed, runs on wireless spectrum that provides superior coverage in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings and offers guaranteed performance for real-time audio and video data streams.

Because the head worn RealWear devices operate using the Android operating system and includes the ability to connect adaptors via a USB-C port, it would support an increasing number of LTE/5G adapters that allow the communication devices to seamlessly connect to any Celona network in seconds.

Wireless administrators can then configure the Celona platform to identify RealWear voice and video traffic and place it into a dedicated Celona MicroSlicing policy where latency, jitter and packet error rate performance requirements are assigned, prioritized and dynamically enforced. The result is a hands-free computing experience with Realwear that works as intended wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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