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Celona & Samsung: Robust Communication for Frontline Workers

See how Celona private LTE / 5G supports Samsung smartphones like the rugged XCover Pro for frontline workers.


Deploying and operating a private LTE or 5G wireless network for frontline workers doesn't have to be complicated. Whether your environment is a large corporate building, manufacturing plant, warehouse, hospital or multi-building campus, a carrier-grade private cellular data network can be deployed to deliver a superior wireless experience for smartphones, tablets and other business-owned smart devices that are staff-operated with less implementation effort compared to Wi-Fi and reduced cost compared to public mobile network connectivity.

The combination of a private radio access network (RAN) from Celona along with ruggedized and highly versatile smartphones from Samsung is often the ideal solution for those that require the use of a variety of applications and digital communication services for those in the field.

Let's explore how Celona and Samsung smartphones can create a communications solution that's ready to take on frontline worker application and real-time communication needs.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro the perfect field-ready mobile device?

While there are plenty of devices on the market that support private spectrum options for LTE / 5G wireless, such as the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in the US, Samsung smartphones has added several physical and software-based features that are highly-appealing to those working in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, public sector and other workforce roles where employees are always on the move.

Benefits of the unique Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro over traditional smartphones include ruggedized cases designed to work in harsh weather and environmental conditions, an extra-large, replaceable battery for increased operating times between charges and an enhanced touch display that allows users to operate the device while wearing gloves.

Another feature that’s enticing to frontline workers is the ability to program functions into up to two physical buttons on the Samsung XCover Pro smartphone.

Viewing Hard Keys
One of the more popular uses for Samsung XCover Pro programmable buttons is for push to talk (PTT) communications using Microsoft’s popular Teams voice, video and collaboration platform.

The XCover button can be configured through an enterprise mobility management (EMM) tool such as Samsung Knox, Microsoft Intune, VMware Airwatch and others to turn the mobile device into a PTT walkie talkie with one-touch operation. The combination of a smartphone and field communications radio eliminates the need for frontline workers to carry both a walkie talkie and smartphone into the field.

Dual-SIM slots and QoS protection with Celona MicroSlicing™

An additional benefit of the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is that it comes with dual physical SIM slots. This means that businesses can outfit field workers with the ability to connect to two different LTE/5G RANs simultaneously with seamless roaming between networks depending on cellular service availability and application need. In many cases, the second SIM slot on the smartphone will be used for connectivity into a Celona private LTE or 5G network.

Because enterprise organizations can now easily deploy private LTE/5G networks powered by Celona, many businesses are seeking to integrate their own private cellular network within buildings, campuses and outdoor settings for smartphone and other critical infrastructure connectivity.

The Celona network offers a low-cost and scalable private network for field workers without concern for expensive metered cost structures and overage charges found in public carrier LTE/5G contracts.

Celona private cellular can be deployed in strategic locations where frontline workers require reliable and high-performing connectivity. In many cases, Celona LTE/5G networks are easier to deploy in challenging environments as a Celona RAN requires far fewer access points to be installed compared to a comparable Wi-Fi deployment covering the same geographic footprint.

For additional information on how to onboard a Samsung smartphone on a Celona network, take a look at our configuration guide.

Celona’s wireless platform ensures that business-critical data such as PTT communications can be prioritized over other traffic using their MicroSlicing™ technology. A MicroSlicing policy can be created for all Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro devices so that Microsoft Teams communication is granted SLA-backed quality of service (QoS) policy that guarantees minimum bandwidth, latency, jitter and packet error rate (PER) numbers.

Once deployed, the Celona wireless platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate guaranteed application transport service levels, providing a wireless environment that frontline workers can depend on.

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