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Celona and The Ecosystem

Notes on how Celona fits in the world of enterprise IT and OT.

It is crucial that any new networking solution has the ability to seamlessly integrate with the existing suite of IT applications and systems, and the solutions delivered via technology partners of enterprise organizations. It is also critical that the priorities and initiatives within the ecosystem is well supported by Celona in alignment with the priorities set forward by our joint customers.  

Wi-Fi infrastructures

Celona’s enterprise LTE/5G wireless network is designed from the ground-up to co-exist with Wi-Fi based enterprise WLAN solutions. While Wi-Fi has enabled unique mobile experiences for enterprise users who are on the move, Celona’s enterprise cellular architecture will aim at being the fabric for next-generation of devices and things that are part of AI-powered apps in the enterprise.

Service providers

Celona’s enterprise friendly architecture makes it possible for service providers to simplify their go-to-market motion as they target use cases within the premises of the enterprise. Flexibility of Celona’s integrated solution architecture is purpose-designed for both enterprises and service providers to achieve improved total cost of ownership. It enables both audiences to design and implement cellular wireless infrastructures to tackle digital transformation projects.

Service providers require a scalable and easily replicable model of creating private and semi-private networks - leveraging licensed, lightly licensed or unlicensed spectrum in different scenarios. Celona’s offer supports all core and other networking services that are required in a true plug-and-play deployment model. Celona’s approach also enables service providers to create a “cloud like” consumption model for their enterprise customers, allowing them to easily turn on and off services without costly hardware rollouts or extensive operational workloads.

Regulatory and standard bodies

Celona is a member of the CBRS Alliance and the 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (ACIA). In these alliances we strive to act as a bridge between the enterprise ecosystem and the cellular technology standards: we ensure that the enterprise use cases and requirements are properly translated into definitions and standards.

Device ecosystem

We expect to see 5G wireless capable devices with CBRS band support to arrive in the first half of 2020. Qualcomm's 5G X55 modem is leading the pack in enabling this migration and will support the CBRS spectrum. Devices that support the CBRS spectrum with the use of 4G LTE cellular wireless are available today. These devices range from routers, gateways and adapters from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, MultiTech to commercial grade handheld devices. Many of these devices take advantage of Qualcomm’s X20 and X24 modems. To our best knowledge, there are also multiple commercial handheld devices that are currently in development for CBRS support: to be commercially available in 2020. Refer to CBRS alliance website for the latest set of certified CBRS capable devices.  

To learn more about CBRS enabled devices and to discuss how CBRS based cellular wireless can help improve the reliability of your existing applications, make sure to register for our webinar series.  

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