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Sneak Peek Into The Celona Solution Architecture

How does Celona create an end to end solution for private mobile networks in enterprise environments?

How does Celona create an end to end private LTE solution for enterprise environments? Get all the details and more in episode 14 of Office Hours.

Check out the interview to get answers to questions like: 

  • What makes the Celona solution architecture unique and different?
  • How does AI and cloud software enhance private mobile networks?
  • How can something as complex as 5G cellular be made simple?
  • What are the three components of the Celona solution and how do they work together?

Key Takeaways

  • Celona's solution uses state of the art hardware, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based tools to accelerate adoption of private cellular for enterprise companies.
  • First, a collection of plug and play LTE / 5G wireless access points are installed to cover your selected geographical areas. They are configured to meet the predetermined power levels, SLAs, and application requirements.
  • Next, the Celona Edge device acts as the translator between existing enterprise network infrastructures and cellular wireless. Thanks to its cloud native architecture, it allows for horizontal scaling that is compatible with any existing compute environment on-premises, within edge/metro-clouds, private and private cloud.
  • Lastly, Celona Orchestrator acts as the network operations center for the entire Celona network. Powered by AI, it is designed to take real-time action within the infrastructure aimed at maximizing network performance, perform routine maintenance, and ensure SLAs are being met.


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